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  1. heysel stadium disaster apparently - 29th may 1985
  2. Agreed. yup ... although the ones on the '04-05 two tone blue striped shirt were worse though, they actually started falling off on mine lol
  3. keane, woodgate, that's about it. i would have said berbatov but i really don't like his attitude
  4. i think that argyle marseille away shirt is a bit nicer than the salmon effort they had this season just passed, that was 'orrible.
  5. Media Darlings? I... think... Fucking... Not. exactly ... we might get give or take as much coverage in the press as gordon brown, but none of it is ever positive. i think he's probably just bitter at liverpool getting the last champions league spot lol
  6. i'm sick of all this muck raking about the club constantly. for a so called 'not big club' we seem to get a hell of a lot of column inches. if ashley did get rid of keegan he'd be shooting himself in the foot and we'd be back to 2005 again.
  7. is that grey / red like they had in the beardsley / barnes / rush era? or is it a light purpley colour? the colour on this monitor isn't great
  8. personally i would like to see djibril cisse and daniel van buyten come to the club. i think cisse would be a fantastic addition to the squad, pacy, good finisher, silly haircuts that the kids will love. van buyten, could he be the new philippe albert? albeit with darren peacock's hairdo?!
  9. fuck modric. if he doesn't want to play here we don't want him. it was the same thing years ago with bolo zenden and chelsea...
  10. i hope so ... he's been fantastic with the media this time around. let's just hope spurs don't want to sign the same players! makes you wonder what wise, vetere..... etc are doing?
  11. did he start the war in the country by any chance? lol being serious though it's good to see him doing his bit for charity though
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