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  1. This is who is in charge of out transfers, Laughing all the way to the bank
  2. This is all an absolute fucking farce, Dennis wise should be shot, him being the little cunt who brought in xisco, who in term made KK quit, now 6month later and what 1 maybes 2 matches for xisco, he's been linked to a move away from the club cos he's shite, does this not sum it all up. GET RID OF DENNIS WISE, USELESS UGLY LITTLE FUCKING DWARF. IL PERSONALLY PAY TO TRANSFER HIM TO SOMEWHERE MORE SUITED, LIKE McDONALDS
  3. Mark Bosnich - sniff sniff - hes two yr younger than james so could still have been flying high in the PL
  4. Stroke of master class by his club though, get his wages paid and get him back fit, ready to play first team football for them come the new season.
  5. Just one other thing sir, corner flag you say? Ha Ha totally off topic but we call one of my mates Spolungo bit like columbo but a big sponge, goes to a murder scene, "ah so you say he was eating a bacon sarni before the incident, il need one by the way, and after eating his sarni, he would smoke a cig like this in his left hand you say, again il need a tab" ha ha, personal joke probs just sounds daft ha ha
  6. There was a food and wine festival in oz on the 6th Nov, the fat bastards probably still recovering from stuffing his chops
  7. looking right through the list on that site, kieron dyer didnt half spend some time in the physio room. ha ha
  8. Cheers for that man, just checked out that physioroom site and it looks like gonzalez could be out for a while. 3month give or take, from 20th september, so we might see him in action come the new year, saying that how long have we got him on load for? According to that site like they've all got the same problem "Achilles Tendinopathy"
  9. I know viduka and gonzalez are both injured, but anyone know for how long? And whats happened to smith? i knows he's shat but whats the crack?
  10. only takes about 30mins from newcastle to darlo, and about the same from darlo to boro, cos theres a few little shitty stops on way. Class pub at darlo? do you mean Hogans right next to the train station? they have a pound bar now, cheap as chips.
  11. ha ha, was hoping when i saw this the thread was going to start "Has fucked off back down south" wounded
  12. everyone calls for you to be banned because your an annoying smug c**t, and you've got nowt to be smug about, so give your head a shake and fuck off back to the spuds forum
  13. What you talking about willis! Darlo v the monkey hangers is defos a bigger match than a bunch of southern shandy drinking fairys mincing it up in bumdon, shame the pooly scum are in a different leauge now.
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