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  1. Can't say I 'knew' him, but he always made me smile when I did speak to him. Only weeks ago he told me that Harry Connick Jr once performed there. I pretended to believe him. Seems he wasn't bullshitting. A wonderfully unprofessional venue as well. An antidote to conformism. RIP.
  2. Just banged in my complaint. I was keen to note some of the more offensive things I've seen aired on MOTD2 over the years, such as one of their pundits discussing one player "absolutely raping" another.... Heh! Good call.
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/ Really, some bad indie DJ who is known as a LFC obsessive behaving like that. Enough of us could get him sacked, think on.
  4. That's it? Grabbing his genitals? Literally harmless. Bombard the BBC with complaints. I'll be writing one now. I'll try not to swear, but I've had a few.
  5. I didn't notice, but whatever it was, you can't just mention it and say "we're not going to say what it was" How vulgar an expression can you make which is too vulgar for after midnight?
  6. Cheers charver kids for attacking the away support, thus belittling the protests and just as importantly forcing me to walk home.
  7. Small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts, enduring image
  8. I don't think we have any players who are prone to violent outbursts.
  9. Sadly true, but realistically we won't much, Even the local Sports Direct shops are thriving, and while some may give up their season tickets, more won't. NUFC is like a disease.
  10. Brace yourselves Started by a poster calling himself Mags stink This is one reason we'll always be better than them even if they do beat us, deep down they know they're nothing. It links to this thread, how neat.
  11. Maybe so, but the idea that not doing so is shamefully disrespectful boils my piss. The dead of the world wars gave their lives so we could have that choice. I think showing some form of respect for that once a year is fair enough like. So you think the players were being disrespectful? You must think that, they were literally laughing in the faces of millions of dead? Incidentally, there are reasons poppies aren't worn by footballers, why do you think some clubs get them sewn in? You can think about it for as long as you like.
  12. Maybe so, but the idea that not doing so is shamefully disrespectful boils my piss.
  13. Well swivel on it tosser. You seem to think I'm pissing on dead soldiers, you should work on your comprehension skills.
  14. I think some people understand things better in short bites.
  15. Was at the match with my nephew today, he's off to march in Nottingham tomorrow. Guess what? He didn't piss his pants because the players weren't wearing poppies. He's not a cunt.
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