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  1. I am not sure why Pardew is advertising that players will go for the right price, that seems obvious. I hope Pardew isn't on a cut of outgoing transfers.
  2. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/newcastle-united/nufc-news//tm_headline=comment-england-no-longer-the-attraction-in-toon%26method=full%26objectid=29557222%26siteid=72703-name_page.html#ixzz1a6Lfw2Y3
  3. I dont know if they are still building it tbh mate. They have just had an extension and stuff put on Gateshead Stadium. They still intend to build a new stadium, they have had delays due to finance (or the lack of it at the moment) http://www.heedarmy.co.uk/new-stadium The improvements made to Gateshead international stadium weren't funded by Gateshead FC but were related to the athletics. http://www.gateshead.gov.uk/Leisure%20and%...opment/GIS.aspx
  4. We have had a pretty decent start, in terms of results at least, so confidence should be on a high.
  5. This is a trash brand fuking up a classic brand scenario. It's a big no no in marketing circles. There is no crossover. It's like Audrey Hepburn wearing Ratner jewellery. Or Cary Grant wearing a sports direct track suit
  6. was just about to mention the gospels Sadly that just proves you don't win trophies playing that way, shame really.
  7. They are good to watch at times but the entertainers is a name I enjoyed having been associated with Newcastle. United don't get many compliments these days.
  8. Newcastle United used to be hyped up by Sky TV as “The Entertainers”. In the almost-glory days of Kevin Keegan’s first management stint and with creative and attacking players like Ginola, Ferdinand, Asprilla, Cole, Gillespie, Albert and Lee to name but a few they believed in scoring more goals than their opponents not defending. They believed that they would always outscore them, no matter who they played and no matter how many goals they let in. Of course that dream ended as quickly as it had begun, there was no willing billionaire to deliver on the amazing potential that the most passionat
  9. The cunt would spend more on one night on gambling than he would on worthy North East causes.
  10. The worse signing, £ for £, in Newcastles' history.
  11. There's a kind of twisted genius to that suggestion, I just might go for it.
  12. Anywhere near lots of available drink...
  13. I think premiership football has reached its peak and a few clubs will start to have to realise that they may just have to work a bit harder to fill their grounds in the future.
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