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  1. Aye theres nowt wrong with it, the city and its fans get regular mentions and the whole clubs in the spotlight again. I'm taking the kids on sunday.
  2. I think young Bellers was the most effective and active forward on the pitch on Sunday, that is before the goals went in of course. And for that reason I would have someone of his ability in the side no bother. But the problems with the little fella started before GS was in charge ( Rooney speculation was when Bobby was in charge.) I do see your point though.
  3. I forgot all about the threat to leave if the fat bin dipper was signed by the toon. Toonraider, the thing is people only slag off certain players who have left the club, only a very small minority are unlucky enough to be singled out by the supporters. The man in your avatar certainly isnt one of them. The reasons lie in the circumstances of each player leaving our club, whether shite or disruptive, the reasons will be there somewhere. If Dyer left next week I honestly think he would get so much stick from us next time our paths crossed, but if bramble left I think our reactio
  4. Poor bugger, it was the way he moved towards the camera, shaking his head at it whilst trying to cooly chew his gum. Still... 35124[/snapback] Fucking hell! Someone wants to have a word with the parents, the fat little bastard has obviously spent far too much time in Greggs! And what's the kid over his left shoulder just seen? 35128[/snapback] The fixture list.
  5. Was it her that interrupted Bowyer and Dyer's apology press conference? 35060[/snapback] Aye it was, she was on soccer AM and everything that week, she even got into lads mag nuts or zoo. We watch the press conferences for the odd glimpse, the Dyer Bowyer one was classic though.
  6. Cheers, I think she was more bothered at missing the Owen press conference.
  7. Oh ffs. Jesus wept. It proves absolutely nothing man! Edit: Oh yeah, everyone who saw it on Sky would have seen it, obviously. 34943[/snapback] Pathetic but by no means unexpected response from Renton to a good deed from Souness. 35021[/snapback] Seeing as he couldn't have a go at Souness for the result or the performance he needed to have a go for something 35028[/snapback] I posted this on skunkers last night on a similar thread..... My aunt is the tea lady, (yes the same one who starred in the Bowyer Dyer press conference.) She has been
  8. Strange, no bitters on any of the Toons boards. Wonder why?
  9. Aye, he would have been a canny player for us I think, we could still go for him in January, depending on injuries. And lets be honest our club is the most injury prone in the world bar none.
  10. Probably a bit mixed but mainly good. The whole ground got up and cheered when it was announced over that he had just scored his first goal for Real last season. Just like Newcastle fans are the best and most deserving of a trophy in all of football eh 27099[/snapback] Of course!
  11. That was an accident, I honestly think sky look for the mongs, someone from here should go over, then again..........
  12. For Gods sake man, how thick do our fans look to the rest of the nation? Is it just me or does anyone else here have to turn the volume down on SSN when they go live to SJP? Oh and 'Owens coming home'......... for fecks sake!
  13. That's not entirely true now is it. If you recall the start of the 2001/02 season he was absolute dross and many were complaining about him. That said, I'd still love to see him back! 24057[/snapback] I meant on arrival at Villa, he has continued to show he creates and scores goals. One bad season I will allow him that. Just remembering that winner against Leeds away.
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