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  1. I know there are not many bucking the trend and we are certainly one of the worst for falling gates.


    How worse could it be if they did not count all ST sales as an attendee whether or not they go through the turnstile?


    How better would it be if Ashley and his cronies hadn't messed up?


    Only the Smoggs, Bolton and Man City showing an increase in attendances.

  2. Loads of games, from the late 50's to the present day, Mostly home games with a handful of away games each season, most cup runs over the years, again mostly at home except when we got near to the finishing line. Been to the finals of league and fa cup. During the 80's worked away but managed to get up most weekends and during that time was able to manage quite a few away games. How many does this make in total, no effing idea but an effing lot of money.

  3. I got my membership card, no 268, so they have at least 268 members all paid up.


    No recent updates on the website, has anybody heard if they've had a response from NUFC regarding the letter they sent?


    Gone very quiet!

  4. If he is fit he should be in the team, not on the bench, JFK is insane, Owen does score goals and creates more chances than Shola ever could. We just have to make sure that Owen is playing for us as long as we have got him. He will be off as soon as he can.

  5. After 50 years of supporting them there are many to name, but we tend to put it to the back of our mind and think of the future, just one win, just one piece of silverware and we'd be happy, we would celebrate and live off the silverware trophy for many a year.


    I am, I am proud to have seen NUFC win something in my lifetime, something a vast number of our fans have not and can only look forward to the day we do.


    To answer the question of the post, I have to say it was yesterday because I went to the game optomistic that we would win, and then once again saw the team selection and who was on the bench. Quite frankly JFK just does not cut it for me. I now am expecting the worst for the rest of this season as I do not expect a new buyer to step up to the plate and take over NUFC.

  6. I don't think it's as bleak as people are making out. We wont find out who it is until a bid is made or even until a deal is all but done.


    Anschutz and Hunt may not be in the reckoning anymore but who's to say Warren Buffet or Bill Gates isn't interested :(


    Fill your boots with these 2 rich guys.



  7. i dunno how shearer will do as a manager of Newcastle, and frankly I'd think he'd be mental to go anywhere near it.


    But in saying that he give many years to the club when he could have easily went to the likes of man.u and picked up a load of trophies, but he was loyal to the club he also supports.

    Will he be a good manager... god knows, but if he thinks he can do the job fair enough, and we can't argue that we have dont have someone in charge who doesn't understand the fans and the club etc.

    I agree I also think he would be crazy to take on the job of manager.


    He currently has "legend" "hero" status bestowed on him by the Toon Army, there is no guarantee that Shearer will be successful, what if he totally makes a bollocks of the job?


    Would his status disappear, how would the Toon Army react? Badly I suspect!

  8. Kinnear's initial kudos for his honesty is now gone for me - the bloke is a useless, over-ambitious fuckwit. One of the best things about any possible sale will be getting this fucker's name removed from Newcastle United.


    You mean you were happy with his honesty when you were agreeing with what he said, now he's dare to cast doubt that poor king Kev isn't the big victim that some like to think you don't want to hear it.


    I hope these statements do come out and can't wait to see the reaction from the mongs who blindly back Keegan without knowing whats gone on if it does turn out that he's to blame for a lot of it.


    Personally I've never agreed nor disagreed or even believed any of the shite that either KK or the clowns currently running our club have spouted in recent months. I certainly do not think KK is the victim in any of this, the fans and the club are the victim, and as far as anything coming out and who is really to blame, the buck stops in one place as far as I'm concerned, the man running the show, the man with the purse strings. The only man who can finally say yes or no to decisions is Mike Ashley. He is the guy to blame, but no doubt there were a lot of contributing factors to what went wrong.


    Even when the statements do hit the media, coming from Ashley's front man, well all i can say is.....................I BELIEVE....................NOT!

  9. JOE KINNEAR has warned Newcastle fans that Kevin Keegan’s lofty status with them may be undermined when the truth of his departure is told.


    And the interim boss believes owner Mike Ashley may not be finished with the Toon.


    The club is still in disarray, with Keegan embroiled in a legal battle over compensation after his exit in September.


    On Keegan’s exit, Kinnear said: “I could tell you lots of things about that. You will have to wait and see.


    “You might be pleasantly surprised.


    You are making an assumption — like most of the journalists up here — and 75 per cent of you are wrong.


    “Wait until you see the statements, that is all I am saying. All will be revealed.


    “Maybe Mike Ashley will be accepted. Maybe he will come back and won’t sell the place. Maybe he will invest in the club. Who knows?


    “It only needs the team to go on a small run and people will easily forget. I am saying forget, but I don’t know what the man has done.


    “It is difficult. He has put £240million into the club and he can’t come and watch the team.




    “But he could make his peace with the fans. It isn’t all of them. He hasn’t been given a fair crack of the whip by the Press.


    “He is a down to earth fellah who loves his football. His kids love it. I don’t know what mistakes he has made because I haven’t been here to look at them.”


    Ashley is struggling to find anyone to pay the £280m he wants for the club. Sources close to investment banker Keith Harris, who is trying to broker the sale, have said there were no developments last week.


    A South African group who had shown interest could be about to return to the picture with fresh backing.


    The uncertainty means Newcastle are likely to again be bit-part players in the transfer market in January, to the despair of their supporters.


    Kinnear is on a month-to-month arrangement with Toon — but has been a hit with fans and is getting twitchy over his future.




    If he is still there in the New Year, he will dispense with £5.7m Xisco and Ignacio Gonzalez, who is on loan from Valencia. Both only arrived at the club in the summer.


    Andy Carroll could also go out on loan, with Derby and Norwich leading the chase for his signature.


    Kinnear called on the Newcastle board to open negotiations with Michael Owen, who can agree a pre-contract deal with another club in January, which would allow him to leave for nothing in the summer.


    He added: “The club has to keep Michael Owen and players like him. This is a big club and Michael is a big player.


    “It will cost a lot of money to replace him. I would keep him here. I feel the same way about him as Kevin Keegan.”



    Are we to believe any of this trash, which is nothing more than yet another package of information suitably fed to us by Kinnear, Ashleys mouthpiece?


    Why doesn't Ashley come out and make his own statements?


    Kinnear could tell us lots of things................ I'm sure he could, but how playground is this statement, FFS grow up Kinnear and make your own words, this just illustrates Ashleys management style and the flaws KK identified when it all blew up in Ashleys face. Quite frankly I care less what JFK thinks and even less about Ashley. I do not think that KK is blameless and I guess all will be revealed. The question I would ask is, even when it all comes out, who will you believe?


    Kinnear suggests we are making assumptions............... how true, of course we are, like mushrooms we have been kept in the dark and fed a load of shite, comeon Kinnear wake up, if the only communication is coming via yourself, WTF do you expect. Even though we have all made assumptions the FACT remains that our club is rapidly being demolished by a small number of irresponsible and incompetents.


    Mike Ashley will be accepted.................... maybe by some but I think this has gone too far, where is the trust? I personally will never forgive, forget and my boycott of everything Ashley will last as long as I live, even when he leaves TOON I will continue to boycott the man and everything he stands for. He has thrown us into more turmoil than this club has ever known and made us the laughing stock of the footballing nation. That in my opinion is unforgivable.


    Kinnear is telling us, but I don’t know what the man has done................. I can't believe that this guy can be so naive, no he is not, it's just more trash that the guy is putting out on behalf of Ashley. Statements like this anger me even more, just keep it zipped.


    JFK suggests that he could make his peace with the fans.................. beyond repair IMO.


    Where have we heard the likes of "dispense with £5.7m Xisco and Ignacio Gonzalez" and "open negotiations with Michael Owen" and T"he club has to keep Michael Owen and players like him" His views are remarkably similar to KK, could all of this shit been avoided, MAYBE but it would have needed someone at the helm who knows what he was doing. ILL ADVISED Mr Ashley, you listened to the wrong advice. NO, there is NO WAY BACK for Mike Ashley.

  10. Zog would have been a better option, we are better at defending when we were going forward, like in the first half. Totally lost our way defending too deep with players that were clearly not up to the job. Jeremiah is good statistically, assists etc but he is like a fecking cart-horse slow. Jonas ran himself ragged in the first half and he needed to be replaced but the structure collapsed in the second half.

  11. Taylor has now become a total liability in my eyes, a white Bramble.


    Sadly I think you're right, I'd rather have a back line of Beye, Colo, Bassong and Enrique tbh.


    Taylor made Bramble look shite, Taylor believes and spouts off that he is good! Yet he dominates and retains his place in the England U21 Team, why?? Is he that good, do they see something that we can't or even don't want to?

  12. Take a break from laughing at Tottenham



    Are you desperately trying to steer clear of the punditry and find something to watch at half-time in tonight’s Spurs game? Then tune in to Sky News (Sky Channel 501, Freeview Channel 82) to see The Spoiler’s Ryan Bailey debate whether Joey Barton deserves to be given yet another chance.

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