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Newcastle boss given green light to spend more

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Newcastle boss given green light to spend more


Aug 12 2007


by Neil Farrington, Sunday Sun


SAM ALLARDYCE has the green light to make more big-money signings this month — regardless of whether he sells Kieron Dyer.


The Newcastle boss is confident his recent clear-the-air talks with chairman Chris Mort can reap further dividends in the summer transfer market.


Mort was keen to keep a strict cap on United’s spending, until Allardyce successfully argued otherwise.


And having since ignored the collapse of Dyer’s £6 million move to West Ham by splashing out on striker Alan Smith and left-back Jose Enrique, Big Sam is eyeing other targets ahead of the August 31 deadline.


Dyer remains for sale at £8 million, but a renewed bid from the Hammers appears the only possibility of him being sold this month.


Yet Allardyce insisted: “If Dyer didn’t go and we found someone suitable to buy, we would get him.


“That’s been proven in the last week by us spending the best part of £11 million on Smith and Enrique without Kieron going.


“That was very encouraging for all of us.”


Allardyce added: “I thought we would have got one player in — maybe two — this week. One of those players is now a no-go, the other one is still ongoing.


“I’m looking abroad now because there’s nothing left in this country.”


The Sunday Sun has learned that Newcastle have been offered new boy David Rozehnal’s former central defensive partner at Paris St Germain, Mario Yepes.


PSG have instructed a third party to find a buyer for £1.7 million-rated Colombian international Yepes, whose nickname in his homeland is “El Rey” — The King.


The 31-year-old has been in the French capital since 2004, having made his name at Nantes, but is unsettled after being told he will no longer be a first-team regular at PSG under coach Paul Le Guen.


Allardyce is likely to consult Rozehnal before considering any move for 6’ 3” Yepes, who has been linked with Lille and Werder Bremen but would prefer a move to the Premiership.

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Anyone see Farrington's match report in the S.Sun? Made some snide comments about it being ironic that yesterdays scorers were unsure of their futures at the club, or words to that effect.


Forgive me if I'm wrong but didn't overfriendly just come out the other week and say he was happy and was there any substance to the Charles rumours?


Why don't these prics in the local papers just keep their fucking mouths shut. IMO they know no more than the average supporter, basically mushrooms.....kept in the dark and fed shit

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The messiah playing in our defence? :lol:




To be fair when Bramble was at the club there were always plenty of cries of "jesus christ almighty" when he was in action.


The cires I heard were more along the lines of..."Jesus f#ck christ man!" "Fat useless bastard!" ....and so hell's gates open...! :nufc:

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Mario Yepes is FM-tastic


So is all of man city's team this season


Elano, Bojinov etc


We all know what Sven's been doing on his time off.



Poised for bid for Eddie Johnson and Carlos Vela. :lol:

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