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The CD pairing?

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Rozenzal and Cacapa for me with Taylor as first back up....But with Faye soon to be available, there will soon be more to this than meets the eye although he is primarily a def midfielder he can cover CD as well iirc.


I think Taylor without proper competition has been getting a bit carried away and this is a chance for him to take stock and also learn hopefully from the more senior pairing.


Roze for me has become undroppable.

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It's very early days yet for Roz and Cacapa but you an only say that the pair of them are looking very impressive and more accomplished than Taylor is at this stage of his career.

In the short term it certainly appears that what's best for the club is to play those two. Like others though I worry that Taylor will, after becoming accostomed to first team football and tbf to the lad being one of our better players over the last two seasons, throw the toys out of the pram.

It would be a shame to lose Taylor who I do belive has a very bright future and could be the mainstay of our defence for the next ten years if he fulfills his potential.

It could be a much bigger test of Allardyce's man management than any issue with Harper and Given.

That said, at least one of the four centrebacks is bound to pick up an injury shortly so it may not be that difficult a decision!

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