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Grease Trucks

Guest Patrokles

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Guest Patrokles

Here in New Brunswick, loosely affiliated with Rutgers University, there exists a phenomenon known as the 'grease trucks.' Essentially, I suppose, these are the kebabs of this college town. You only get one late at night or when your judgement is otherwise impaired. You have a strange urge for them but feel so so dirty afterwards. I suppose this is where the comparison ends, because these things are fucking monsters.


There are lots of options. The most interesting/repulsive feature is that they have french fries included IN the sub, soggy from ketchup/whichever other sauce has been added. (I always request no fries.) A sample of some of the ridiculously healthy combinations:


List of Fat Sandwiches [5]


* Fat Bitch

* Fat Pestilence

* Fat Barry

* Fat Blashko

* Fat Buddha

* "Fat Darrell,"

* Fat Fuck

* Fat Cat

* Veggie Fat Cat

* Fat Sam

* Fat Krack

* Fat Koko

* Fat Kwashiorkor

* Chicken Fat Cat

* Fat Hillsborough

* Fat Mojo

* Fat Monkey

* Fat Knight

* Fat Vavavoom

* Fat Elbow

* Fat Sam

* Fat Mom

* Fat Turtle

* Fat Romano

* Fat Mouse

* Fat Blunt

* Fat Elvis

* Fat Drunk

* Fat Ass

* Fat Bastard

* Fat Steve

* Fat Philipino

* Fat Dad

* Fat Dirty lampshade cross

* Fat Moon

* Fat Pussy

* Fat Sheriff

* Fat Vostardi

* Fat Veggie Indian

* Fat Poto

* Fat Mofo

* Fat Jojo

* Fat Sacks

* Fat Feetsmell

* Fat AROD

* Fat Man Nate

* Fat J-Rod

* Fat Cat w/ No ass cracker

* Fat Wiggles

* Fat ZBT

* Fat Zeta Mo

* Fat Gibbons


My favourite is the fat bitch, which has been renamed to the fat beach because it was felt offensive. But everyone still calls it the bitch anyway. The Fat Darrell is the most famous of the sandwiches, and features:


two cheeseburgers, french fries, lettuce, tomato and onions- all on a single sub roll.


This is actually quite mild. The bitch consists of (as far as I can remember) breaded chicken sticks, mozarella sticks, cheese steak, ketchup, french fries, and an egg. All in the same roll.


The best part? They're only $5. Anyone visiting the area (it's not that far from New York) needs to try one.


n.b. anyone able to each five fat bitches in 10 minutes gets to have a sandwich named after them, and create it however they wish.

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