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I want:


emotjihad9as.gif - A Jihad smiley in case there are more bombings.


letsdoitwild2br.gif - A smiley so I can reply to Gemmill appropriately.


hump7tz.gif - A smiley so I can reply to Alex appropriately.



Done! :lol:

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Why don't we just load every smiley ever created onto this board?


Are all requests granted then, as I can't see half of the smileys already on here being used.



Handbag smiley required for Gol! :lol:




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Ok then, tell me which ones to remove....


Surely requests are ones people are gonna want? :icon_lol:




I think you should stand firm and only add smileys which fit the theme of the others to be honest :angry:


If people want other smileys, they can link them, no? The list of "show all" smileys is just stupid now.


Where are you ever going to use these??



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