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What view do you take of Wed's game against Man U?

What view do you take od Wed's game against Man U  

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Played well in spurts but fucked up as usual, without that ludicrous attempt at a chest back to the keeper we would most likely be sitting here with another point towards safety, having said that though, if the same tactics that were used on wednesday are deployed against Hull i have no doubt we will come out with three points, they need to keep the ball down, dont be scared to attack and to have the bottle to throw on a couple of attacking players in the late stages if they need too.


Theres more chance of Hughton doing this than Kinnear IMO and i hope Kinnear doesnt bother coming back for a few games.

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Yes, this was one of our better performances, but it still remains that we lost, mainly because we took our eye off the ball.


What's new, we should be putting the same effort that we saw against Manure in every game and we would not be fighting against relegation.


The players need to take responsibility for their efforts, the coaches need to step it up and of course Ashley and his regime should feck off.

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That's the thing - a few games ago I knew there was a risk and I had it at about 40-45% but now that two sets of results have gone directly against us before a run in that doesn't favour us at all I think this season could be the killer.


We can write off the Liverpool & Aston Villa away games. Tottenham will be difficult for once.


I can't see us getting anything against Chelsea and we will have to be lucky against Arsenal.


Stoke away is a difficult place to go as is Hull - who have recently broke their bad run.


Fulham won't be easy at home and I doubt Portsmouth or Middlesbrough will either.


It's really hard to see where the wins are coming from at the moment and I'm struggling to find 2 teams that are worse or whom have a worse run in.

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Guest Stevie

We're right pessimistic cunts, but I took the second option too. I stand by what I said re: Hughton's tactics they were spot on, but he couldn't motivate an U11 team in my view same with that Calderwood. It's the most obvious statement I've ever said regarding the toon, but we are without question entering the most serious and worrying two months as Newcastle fans as we have seen for almost exactly 17 years.

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It's a one-off. And I'd really rather we had played with that much determination and effort against Bolton and gotten the three points there.


What worries me too is that rather than bouncing into the Hull game with confidence, the players now have ten days to lose whatever the match on Wednesday might have given them, and it will just be back to the same old crap.

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