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  1. My brother gave up his season ticket when we got relegated, tried to claim it was because of Ashley, and then got it back when we were promoted. I'll never let him live it down...it's a convenient excuse for some people to blame Ashley, tbh. As for me, I was considering giving up my ticket at the end of this season anyway after just having a baby and buying a house-priorities have just changed and I have to think more carefully about how I spend my money. And the events of the past month have made the decision a lot easier for me. I just can't bring myself to give any more money to th
  2. Was called into a short meeting with Llambias and told the club wanted to move in a different direction, wasn't expecting the sack but is looking forward now and wishes the club well. As calm and dignified as you'd expect from him, really.
  3. Sorry to bump this after so long, but only just got back from the honeymoon. A big thanks to everyone! Had a brilliant day
  4. What's impressing me is how well he's taken to being captain. After watching Owen be a disgrace to the captaincy for all those months, it's good to see someone actually trying to inspire the players around him and setting an example.
  5. Always been the Leazes End for me.
  6. So 20 lads shouting in a steward's face at point black range isn't provocation? Would you have been surprised if a whole army of stewards had come up and sat us all down? Stewards have been doing regular 'patrols' up and down the steps for years without telling people to sit down and there was nothing last night to suggest they were going to start. A lot of us up in level seven remember the ridiculous stewarding from the second half of last season though, when they basically went on a power trip and seemed determined to ruin the match for anyone who wanted to stand and sing. Wh
  7. I wondered if she'd be better in an on camera role, but no....still shite.
  8. Bassong scores to put Tottenham 2-1 up
  9. what was he doing? dunno, just going by some of the comments on Twitter Stayed on the pitch for absolutely ages at the end, applauding every end of the ground. I know he loves to milk it, but it was a lot even for him.
  10. Exactly. Harper pisses me off on a weekly basis by taking too long to come off his line, so it must piss off his teammates at times too. Someone needed to say something because it doesn't look like the coaches were...it being Joey though, he probably just didn't go about it the right way
  11. Don't know how obvious it was on the telly, but Smith did an class job as captain yesterday on top of his good performance. He was always encouraging the rest of the team, organising the players at set pieces, and at the end, he pulled everyone over to applaud the fans (maybe not surprisingly, the only ones who ignored him and walked off the pitch were Gutierrez, Coloccini and Enrique). After months of Michael Owen, it made a nice change.
  12. I'm going, along with three others. Not too excited to be honest, but maybe that'll change as the week goes on. Would have been going to Palace too, but I'm away that weekend.
  13. This. He didn't play well for most of last season, but unlike some others, he actually had a decent excuse. He shouldn't have been anywhere near a first team regular, but he was called on to play and he did so, without any complaints. There are numerous other players that I would blame for what happened last season before I'd even get close to placing any of the blame on him.
  14. Our scarf is in the middle of that last picture. I was doing ok, until I got to all the tributes laid across the goalposts and net
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