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Jusoda Kid

He's blaming the pitch now

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See mr Souness is now blaming the pitch for Boumsong's erratic form. Apparently it's not suited to "leggy" players such as Boumsong and this is to blame for his running on ice like performances.


This was in the NOW but it actually quotes souness, what next? :o


Maybe this is to blame for Ameobi's performances over the years :o

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I read the full article and it wasn't encouraging as it basically ammounted to "he's my main man and will always play regardless of form and other players available"


I've no problem with a manager defending his players and trying to keep their spirits up, but he has to acknowledge the bloke has not been playing well recently and that Taylor and Bramble deserve to play ahead of him when they are in form and he isn't.

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Today's articles and quotes from him are absolutely hilarious, the man is like a parody of himself!


On Boumsong:


I think if you asked anybody here, they regard Boum as a proper type.


"He is playing for one of the strongest national teams in the world - a team that will be one of the favourites for the World Cup - and he's vastly experienced for a young man.


"But above everything, take his football out of the equation and he is a proper human being."


On Taylor:


"There are only two things can hold him back: if he gets a big head on - and we have a part to play to prevent that - and if gets himself badly injured, which is in the lap of the gods.


"Other than that, he's destined to play for England on a regular basis. Come back and ask me that in five years' time.


"He can be the type of defensive rock for England that Adams and Campbell have been. He's quite unique is 'Tayls'.


"He's a proper one; one you'd want with you in a difficult situation, and I think most of my team are like that now.


On Bryan Robson:


"Robbo is a proper person. Someone I admire. There aren't enough of those types in the game - proper football people," said Souness, whose side faces Robson's West Brom at The Hawthorns this afternoon.


"The game is now full of spin doctors and we need more men like Bryan Robson - genuine football people.


"And genuine football people know who the spin doctors are."



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