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Irrelevant Nick KP

Dr. Taj Hargey

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Dr. Taj Hargey is an Imam, and the chairman of the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford. I think he's great! What do you think?


He has a PhD in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies from Oxford University.

Dr. Taj Hargey, PhD in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies



He has categorically stated that the burqa has nothing to do with Islam. He supports France's ban on that garment (it's not a headscarf, for those in doubt, it's the thing where you can only see the eyes).



He supports Spurs (I'll try not to hold that against him ), he goes to the pub to drink orange juice.



He says women should be allowed to lead Muslim prayers.



This is from 2008:

British Muslim history will be made in an Oxford hall next Friday. For the first time in Britain, a woman Muslim scholar will publicly lead men and women in prayers, and deliver the khutba, or sermon.


Taj Hargey, the chairman of the group sponsoring the event at the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford (Meco), fully expects controversy. “This is going to be a major step forward in women’s rights,” he said in an interview at Wolfson College, Oxford, of which he is a member. “But it will provoke discontent from conservatives — from the Wahhabis and their fellow travellers. The literalists interpret certain Hadith, sayings of the Prophet, as meaning that women can’t lead a community. But for us, the golden rule of Islam is that whatever is not specifically prohibited is permitted.”



He is critical of Saudi Arabia — “primitive barbarians” — and has called for an internationalisation of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, “which should not be part of a tribal outfit, or a family business, as they are under the Saudis”.



I've heard him on BBC Radio 4, that if a British person converts to Islam, he doesn't have to change his name, he can be a perfectly good Muslim and still be called John Smith.


Mosque sermons need to be delivered in English, he said, not Urdu or Bengali. “In Oxford, six days a week, Muslims wear jeans or suits,” he says. “And then when they come to mosque, they suddenly put on a shalwar kameez. Do they think God only speaks to them in Pakistani dress? God doesn’t want you in that bloody dress; all he wants is a clean dress.”




He holds up equality of gay people as something to be maintained!


Precisely because Wahhabism ­originated in the brutal ­backyard of Saudi Arabia, it should have no place in ­modern democratic Britain. Our ­culture has gone to considerable lengths to promote equality for women, gay people, ethnic minorities and diverse faiths.




And here we have him in action. At 5.55 he says that the burqa is NOTHING to do with Islam.


But never mind that, I'm just so glad that someone is finally dispelling the MYTHS about Islam, and that Muslims are just as capable of adapting, and embracing gay equality, as any other religious group.


He is also standing up against the Arabs who think they own Islam.

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I am glad this shows there are muslims out there who don't follow the absurd hard liners.


Thanks for the post it actually educated me.

You're very welcome. Thank you for reading it. (it was a bit long).

I think he should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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What an interesting and well thought out OP Nick, ignore these bastards.


Good for him anyway, i hope he doenst get blown up. A career in Pakistani politics is not advised.

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