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Club Tropicana (CT remix '18)   Let me take you to the place Where membership's Britain's disgrace Blue flag with lots of stars. Where strangers take you by the hand And welcome you

In World War II the average IQ of the combat soldier was 100. In Parliament Square it was nineteen. N-n-n-n-nineteen.    

I remember a few people saying, some years ago when this was all kicking off, that maybe Brexit is what this country needs to finally move on from the Imperial past and embrace a global future. The fa

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On 2/24/2018 at 09:11, Christmas Tree said:

This all comes back to the basic arguments of German car manufacturers, French farmer etc. The idea that the EU is going start sticking big tariffs between us is ridiculous, Its not going to happen.


Have a word with yourselves and stop being so defeatist. 

These car manufacturers and French farmers are leaving it a bit late.


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On 6/22/2016 at 13:31, Christmas Tree said:

I also like the idea of a British Parliament having total control over what we do as a country.

On 6/13/2018 at 06:10, Christmas Tree said:


Those wonderful remoaners are trying to implement a position where Parliament takes over the process


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Unreal this. Bullied yet again. She's fucking useless cos the threats she stands and makes at the dispatch box are completely without consequence. She stood there last week saying that this would mean a long extension and all of the dicks in her party are just there thinking "bitch we know how desperate you are to keep this job. We'll tell YOU what this means."


What a thoroughly pathetic human being she is. 

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Got a cupboard-stocker of a Tesco order arriving this afternoon. Not that I necessarily think there'll be too many grave shortages if we leave without a deal, but I do think people will panic-buy, so it's worth being early to the panic button. :lol: 

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