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It's that time again. Big thanks to the lads at ToffeeTalk and GloryGlory for their answers and their welcome. I'd genuinely recommend popping over to both of those message boards. Obviously I’ve done my best to represent the balance of views from both sets of fans, but you can read all the answers here and here respectively. Apologies for the duff formatting this time round, but I'm staggeringly hungover. Horrifically hungover. Apocalyptically hungover... You get the message. Anyway, here are their answers and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I didn't enjoy writing it.


What's a realistic aim for your team this season?

Spurs fans are almost unanimous in their expectations, They all believe that 4th spot is the hope and the expectation. One or two may have said that a title shot isn’t out of their grasp, but they’re views don’t represent the vast majority. Everton fans are (understandably) a little more cautious, Martinez is certainly supported, but I don’t think they’re expecting him to produce the goods straight away.

Onlyme: We have been in top 4 form for quite some time. Our total points last season was our best ever and gave top 4 every season since the EPL began. But Arsenal went on a phenomenal run and nicked top 4. Their results against Norwich and QPR sealed their and our fate. We are virtually unbeatable away from home. If we can get a home game system going I think we will seriously challenge for the title.

Spursalot: Realistic? Depends heavily on the signings we make. Currently I would go challenging for top four. If we get one or two moves right in the transfer window I could see us ending up third, however I don't see us breaking the top two with our finite resources unless they fuck up significantly.

Mumorn: I think fighting for top four like it has been the previous few years. It will be interesting though now that three of the top four sides have new managers whilst we have a manager now comfortable in his role and adding a few new players to what is already a very solid team.

DubaiSpur: Top four, with a trophy of some sort: FA Cup, Carling Cup, whatever. It's been five years since our last trophy, and twenty-two years since our last FA Cup. If we are to stand a chance of keeping Bale, top four alone may not be enough. So we need to rectify that trophy problem.

Gutter Boy: Challenge for, but not win, the title (probably finish 3rd)

RadioFriendlyUnitShifter: What's a realistic aim for your team this season? To prove we were not and are not 'Moyes FC'.

Tree13: Europa Cup qualification via 5th place in the league. We simply don't have the finances to finish higher because of the ridiculous sums being thrown around by Spurs, Chelsea, City and to a lesser extent United and Arsenal. On any given matchday, those first three have subs' benches that cost more than our entire squad, and that's a degree of depth we simply can't match.

bainesontoast: Realistically I'd take a top half finish while qualifying for European football next season. Ideally it'd be the Champions League but starting from the 2014/15 season the Europa League will no longer be a joke competition thanks to their being Champions League football on offer to the winner. We have a new manager who is already enforcing a new style so achieving the above would be progress as far as I'm concerned, even if we finish lower in the league than last season.

Ijjysmith: Hard to tell. New manager might be just what we needed after Moyes had got a bit stagnant, or on the flip side it may show we were over achieving after all. Either way finishing below where we did last season would be a disappointment to everyone.

Cena: I think top 7 is realistic but it is going to be difficult as we do not know how Martinez will settle in. Definitely top 10


Where do your team need to strengthen to achieve this?

With a misfiring Jelavic I was expecting the Everton fans to be clamouring for a striker, but the position that the majority want improved is Central Midfield. 47% of the respondents said that was the position they needed new blood in. Certainly Up front was a source of concern, at 29%, but it wasn’t the number 1 priority I expected. Spurs were more predictable in their calls for strengthening the strike force. Adebayor and Defoe, while clearly talented, don’t inspire a lot of faith from the Spurs fanbase. They definitely want a new striker with 61% naming it the place they want strengthened. This survey was put to the lads on Glory Glory before Bale made it clear he wants to leave, so while they are asking for a Winger it must be said that this was not to replace Bale, but to allow him to operate more centrally.


Spursalot: Up Front and wide left. Sounds silly with Bale, but I don't think he'll play out left which leaves us a bit bare out there. Up front is easy, Adebayor can't be relied upon consistently and Defoe doesn't really add much.

Jumpers: Our current squad can already achieve this, but regardless who we purchase Arsenal will also strengthen and I think the gap between us and them will widen in their favour. We really too heavily on one player.

Kingdawson: Striker is the first priority and an inside forward to play alongside Bale is another priority (4-3-3)

Mumorn: I think we need a striker capable of scoring at least 15+ league goals. As well as goals coming from elsewhere, hopefully Bale can play as good as he did last year on top of a great striker and we could see ourselves challenging higher than fourth place in my view.

DubaiSpur: I think every man and his dog has said this already, but up front. We cannot go into a new season expecting the erratic Ade and declining Defoe pair to score many. Benteke seems a reasonable option, but I'm still holding out for Soldado.

Darth Toffeeman: A big powerful CM (I doubt Gibson will remain injury free) and a No 10 (hopefully Barkley and Deulofeu can provide this.

Azzurri: Would love a proper forward as I'm not sure Kone's up to it and we could do with a creative midfielder.

Jacko93: I think we've strengthened the most important areas, by bringing in a bit of depth to the forward line. But can’t help but think we need something a little bit extra up there. If we keep all who are Everton players now, (except Heitinga can go) then 7th is easily achievable

nigelcoyb: signs are Roberto has sussed it with kone and the lad from barca (Delboy)

sharkey1001: We don't. Just don't sell Baines & Fellaini


Which new Premier League players are you looking forward to seeing?

The fans of both clubs are looking first and foremost at their own new boys, Paulinho and Deulofo for Spurs and Everton respectively. I was surprised that they didn’t really care about players from the other clubs, but perhaps that will come when the window closes?

Mumorn: I'm looking forward to seeing how Paulinho can slot into our team. I'm also looking forward to seeing how some of the new strikers in the league do, the likes of Bony, Altidore and Wolfswinkel who have all been deadly the previous year or two in their leagues and players we may have had a punt at.

Raoul Duke: Paulinho obviously, Liverpool have a couple of exciting new players, but I don't look forward to seeing Liverpool.

DubaiSpur: Wilfried Bony looks like a great acquisition for Swansea, and I'd like to see how he fares. Same goes for Van Wolfswinkel at Norwich. Victor Wanyama is definitely one I'll be keeping an eye on, a real coup for Southampton. And it will be interesting to see if Jesus Navas adapts quickly to the Premier League with City.

Mephitis: Paulinho and anybody else we may sign

Ossie: Paulinho (obviously). van Wolfswinkel. Jesus Navas. Nathan Redmond. Wanyama. Wilfried Bony.

RadioFriendlyUnitShifter: For us, I'm hoping Robles can usurp the perennially overrated Howard and I'm looking forward to seeing Kone in action as I rate him more than most seem to. Otherwise I generally wish other clubs nothing but misery, so I'll be hoping all the new exciting signings across the country bomb horribly. Especially Leroy Fer (as we almost signed him) and Bony (because our fans wanted to sign him, for some reason).

Tree13: I'll admit to a morbid fascination in seeing what on earth Laudrup manages to squeeze out of Jonjo Shelvey. £5m for a Voldemort lookalike seems bonkers to me. Also, the mini-revolution at Carrow Road has got my attention: Redmond and Fer were both names discussed by many Everton fans.

Mikeh72: As far as Everton are concerned, I can't wait to see Deulofeu. Outside of Everton, I'm expecting big things of Wilfried Bony this season, can't see him sticking around at Swansea

Mawders: Only interested in Everton players

Bryan: Can't think of any..

nigelcoyb: only are own - can't get interested in other mobs


Which of your players do you predict having a big season?

Spurs are looking to the new bow Paulinho to have a breakout first season and many are pinning their hopes on Sandro who had a cracking season cut short by injury last year. They’ve hopes for Bale to build on last year and he may well surpass the high standards he set, but it looks like he’ll be doing it in a different shade of white. Everton fans surprised me by having sly pops at Moyes, I had thought he was still much loved by them. Regardless of that they’re fairly unanimous in singling out Mirallas as the player they have highest hopes for this season. A few are expecting an impressive season for Ross Barkley too, the young midfielder was sent out on loan to Shef Wed and then briefly to Leeds last season. Scoring 4 goals for the Sheffield club in just 13 appearances and with the backing of his manager (who recently called him an “incredible football diamond”), a more attacking Everton side and a bit more experience behind him, it’s not hard to see why they’re excited.

Mumorn: I think if he stays fit, Sandro will be very very crucial to our team. I'm hoping that Bale can have an even bigger season then he did last year, hopefully he can build on it and score even more as well as hopefully getting us to a cup final, it's been long overdue!

DubaiSpur: I think Paulinho will surprise a lot of people with his ability to adapt quickly to the PL. He's got a bit of everything in his locker, and when added to his strength, power and pace, he is the archetypal Premier League central midfielder. With Dembele and Sandro alongside him being equally powerful, he could be a hit.

Spursalot: Sandro. He was beasting last season until his knee went. If Sandro plays well then Dembele will also play well. Bale is the obvious one though.

Onlyme: I am hoping Holtby can step up a gear. Same as will do for the others. I hope all our guys stay fit. Fit players returning are like new signings. Sandro and Kaboul. We have an excellent squad and I would be happy to keep all of our current players.

billy iddo: Bale will go one further than last season

sharkey1001: Ross Barkley - under a manager who can nurture talent unlike Moyes

bainesontoast: I can a few of our attacking players improving with having the ball played to their feet more than Moyes allowed for. Coleman could have a huge season if Martinez goes down the route I think he will.

RadioFriendlyUnitShifter: Ross Barkley. I think Martinez isn't afraid of youth like Moyes was, and so now is the time for our star talent to shine. Hopefully.

Cena: I think Darron Gibson and Kevin Mirallas. Gibson has been outstanding and if Mirallas continues where he left off, we have a very very good player on our hands who could change draws into wins

Ijjysmith: This should be Ross Barkley's breakout year.


Which of your players do you expect to have a disappointing season?

The Toffees aren’t holding much hope of Jelavic rediscovering his 2011/12 form, though quite a few seem nervous about how the new players will bed in. Azzurri saying “Maybe Deulofeu. Just think the Premier League might be too quick and physical for him.” Those not mentioning Jelavic or the new boys look to players who’ve been the foundations of their high league finishes; Distin, Jagielka, Howard and Pienaar. For Spurs it’s the fringe players that are causes for concern. A couple of the players put forward have already been moved on (Dempsey, Caulker), but it’s Adebayor, Defoe, Parker and their ilk that appear most often.

Howard Webb: Don't think Adebayor fits the system

Mudshark: All the usual suspects, if they're still with us: Defoe, Ade, Parker, etc.

Spursalot: Lennon. I don't think he's going to have much of an impact. Partly due to how i think we'll set up, and party because he often starts brightly, and then just fades out.

Gutter Boy: Any of Defoe, Parker or Huddlestone left at the club after deadline day. I also think Rose will fail to dislodge BAE, and Dempsey will fall behind Siggy in the pecking order

Spitshine: Defoe, Dempsey

billy iddo: Caulker

Housequake: Jelavic if he stays, he's just a piss poor footballer and if he's not slotting there's no point in him being on the field.

Tree13: There's going to be tears up front. I cannot envisage a scenario in which Jelavic and Kone BOTH have good seasons. I also think Pienaar is past his prime and may well fall off the cliff performance-wise this season.

Mikeh72: I'd say Naismith or Gueye but nothing is expected of them anyway. Tim Howard has been rapidly declining in the last few years and I'd expect him to be replaced by Joel at some stage this season

bainesontoast: Anyone who can't adapt quickly will be disappointing. I wouldn't like to name any names at this stage cause it's still early in pre season.

Blue61: Hope I'm wrong, but Jelavic (if he's still here)

nigelcoyb: Jags and Distin not hoofing will kill them


Which fixtures do you immediately look for?

Spurs are focussed on the enemies next door, with 46% of respondents picking Arsenal as the fixtures they look for first. After that it’s two other London clubs (West Ham and Chelsea), although interestingly, not one mentioned Fulham... perhaps Fulham are London’s Middlesbrough? The new clubs pop up again with Palace being mentioned marginally more than the other two, probably because it’s a game they’re likely to go to. Everton seem much more divided when it comes to the release of the Fixture list. While an understandably large number look across Stanley Park, quite a few look to the East and the two Manchester clubs. The reasons could be the Merseyside – Manchester rivalry, but given the Moyes factor at Man U, and the recent success Everton have had over the Blue side, it could be a more contemporary reason? The newly promoted sides get a mention and again we’re represented (more for the night out than anything.



Mephitis: Gooners, Chelsea, West Ham at Home. Newly promoted clubs and anything within 100 miles of Leeds Away

Mumorn: The North London Derby most definitely. It's the most exciting derby in the league in my view and always produces great games with a great atmosphere, I am glad we have it three games in even if it is away from home, that sort of result can really provide a great kick to the season.

DubaiSpur: The North London Derby, first and foremost. They're our nearest challengers, and how we do against them provides a barometer for how likely we are to finish in the top four, late season collapses notwithstanding.

ChickenBadge: Arsenal home, Arsenal away, opening day opponents, last day opponents. Boxing Day for some reason, though its ages since I've been able to get to that one! Oh, and who we are going to have to rearrange in May due to our FA Cup final appearance!

Raoul Duke: Arsenal, Newcastle and Chelsea.

Housequake: The derby of course, that's about it, I tend to look for difficult runs rather than any particular game, although City at home is up there considering we hand them a lesson year on year at Goodison.

sharkey1001: LPool, Man U, promoted sides away

Jags..class: Liverpool, this year also Man U so we can beat Moyes.

Cena: Not just saying it because it is you, but Newcastle away, we always do a weekend up in Newcastle me and me mates, couldn't do it last season because it was a New Year game. Also, Villa & West Brom away as I love the Midlands away days and also West Ham away, love going there.


Which away game are you looking forward to the Most/least?

Arsenal and Liverpool obviously rank highly for Spurs and Everton fans, derby day fills every fan with that heady mixture of dread and delight. However, Moyes is a deciding feature for the Toffeemen in this question as well, with his name mentioned often and never warmly. Spurs look at their poor record at Stamford Bridge and search (through gritted teeth it seems) for their visit to SW6. The goal scorers in their last win there? Lineker and Howells in 1990. Quite a few fixtures seem to have a personal significance, while Newcastle United attract praise and scorn; we’re a good night out, but an unhappy hunting ground it seems. Oh and Stoke get a slating for the state of their city, their ground, their fans and their football once again.



Mudshark: Don't go away much these days, since the club stopped laying on travel you could book with your ticket application. I like going to Craven Cottage, though. I hate Stamford Bridge.

Mumorn: Chelsea at Stamford Bridge is the one I least look forward to. We simply don't win there and we've had great chances in the past few years, with Mourinho now there and remembering how damn good his home form was, I think it'll be even trickier. One I am looking forward too? North London Derby. That win over Arsenal away a few years back was just a superb moment and I'd LOVE for it to happen again.

Gutter Boy: Most Arsenal, least West Ham/Stoke (I hate us playing rugby teams, though we are much better equipped now than traditionally).

ChickenBadge: Most: Emirates. Even if the last 2 have been 2-5 defeats. Least: Stoke. Thugs from the top down, I am very relieved if we emerge with all players intact let alone 3 points.

DubaiSpur: The games against Chelsea, United (hopefully weaker post-Ferguson) and Everton(post-Moyes) are also ones I'm looking forward to. Least: St.Mary's and Stamford Bridge. Chelsea always pull one over us at the Bridge, and I don't imagine that will change with Mourinho in charge. And Pochettino looks to be building a great team at St.Mary's, and his hard-pressing, quick moving side could pose us a lot of problems. Most: any 'easy' away game, to be honest: the promoted sides, lower mid-table sides, sides out of control, you get the gist.

Cena: Most, Newcastle for the night out. Least, Liverpool, I hate derbies, horrible horrible days.

bainesontoast: My favourite away game is Southampton. I love the trip down to the coast, especially if the weather is like it is now. Cardiff should be a good trip this season because it's a nice city. I'm not looking forward to Hull away (because it's Hull) or Arsenal (because our record against them is awful).

Blue61: The most - Man Utd just to hear the crowd boo Moyes' substitutions. The least - always Stoke.

Jacko93: Stoke least. Horrid place, with horrid fans, and you don't get cheered up by the football. Citeh most. Likely to be in corporate (booooooo)

Tree13: Most: Carrow Road. My ex lives there and has kindly arranged some tickets. God willing I shall take her out after the game and sling one up her for old times' sake. Least: Anfield. The officiating always stinks.

Darth Toffeeman: I would usually say Sunderland but they beat us last season. I suppose the 4 clubs Moyes never won at in the hope that Martinez can break that spell. Although at the same time I hate Derby games. Bring out the worst in me and we never get the rub of the green.


What's your most memorable game against NUFC?

There seems to be quite a mixed bag; Spurs fans remember the 5-0 hammering they gave us in 2012, and the 7-1 we gave them in 96, One did mention the 4-0 where Robert showed his true class and they get a special mention because I bloody loved that game :icon_lol: , a few Everton fans remember the game where Cahill sealed 4th spot, a lot look at the recent fixtures some recall game with stand out moments from games like Shearer’s Volley, Nolan’s foul on Anichebe, Baines’ freekick etc. and some hark back to games from way back when.

Mudshark: They're usually enjoyable games. Our recent 5-0 sticks in the mind, obviously, but so does the 7-1 drubbing we took from Keegan's side at St James's under Francis. The last time I visited SJP was back in the Francis era, just before Gross took over. We lost 1-0, I think, but we won the return match towards the end of the season in the run of games that included our 6-2 win at Selhurst, when I remember Gross standing on the touchline with a face like a spanked arse while Juergen Klinsmann ripped up his game plan to put an end to our relegation fears.

Mumorn: The 5-0 win a few seasons back, That was Adebayors greatest game in a Spurs top too. I think he got 4 assists and a goal. We really shot out the blocks that day and considering we were against a team also fighting for a top four place it was a real incentive, although from that game we sort of dropped and fucked up a point gap.

ChickenBadge: A cold night's 5-0 home win back in February 2012. At that moment in time Louis Saha was going to shoot us to the title before Harry left for the Euros...

IGGHAC?: You beat us 1-0 at your place in the cup a few seasons ago (2005). Memorable to me because it’s the only time I’ve been to SJP and I’m still recovering from all the bloody stairs I had to walk up in the stadium and spending the trainjourney home sat on the floor of the train

Jumpers: 4-2 win against Newcastle in 1994, but the thrashing Newcastle gave us when George Graham was in charge also sticks in my mind for all the wrong reasons

billy iddo: Losing 4-0 at your place, Robert with two worldies and I think Shearer with a double also? - first time at St James, so sticks in my mind.

Blue61: When Everton somehow won 1-0 at Goodison in 1985 after Gazza and Beardsley had completely played them off the park. One of the best away performances I've seen at Goodison without getting any reward. We won the league that year.

Ijjysmith: There a few that stand out, but when Cahill sealed the Champions League spot against you that was special.

Deloodid: the 2 games last season, when I thought we got the deserved winner late on, and you hit and hope up for the 2nd time of the game and scored. and Baines freekick at your place.

RadioFriendlyUnitShifter: The two last season were corkers. We felt very hard done by in the 2-2, but then Baines scored THAT freekick in the other one.

Darth Toffeeman: The 2 matches at Home in 94/95. Newcastle were a fabulous side then and I knew that day when we knocked you out of the cup it was our year. Also the 2-0 was one of the best games I saw under Royle.


Newcastle have been in the papers for all the wrong reasons again, what's your take on the Kinnear debacle?

Most fans of the London club are united in seeing this as a method of ousting Pardew, although DubaiSpur: swims against the current saying "I don't think it has anything to do with forcing Pardew out: If I remember correctly, he can be sacked with just one year's pay if he finishes lower than 13th or something. I do think it has a lot to do with Ashley trying to focus the fans' ire on why you won't do much business this window squarely on Kinnear's shoulders. He'll eventually sack him and hope that you lot will be satisfied that he removed the man 'solely responsible' for your lack of transfer activity. See, he does listen to the fans!" A couple of odd responses from the Everton fans to be honest, I mean, I know they hold an enmity towards us, so revelling in our misfortune would be understandable but there are some comments which just flat out don’t make sense to me. E.g. Eric Djemba-Djemba: Kopites of the North-East,(I have no clue what this means?) Mawders: Just epitomizes what everyone outside of Newcastle thinks of Newcastle, (I thought the Sky Sports/TalkSport lot thought we were deluded and arrogant, so I’m not sure how employing Kinnear fits that lazy cliché?) Jags..class: Not really bothered, to be honest I thought the Newcastle fans over reacted... (Over-reacted? The press has gone mental, but generally the reaction from Newcastle fans has been a collective face-palm) See what I mean? Weird, right? Anyway the others from both clubs either don’t care or they reflect the consensus opinion that it’s awful for Newcastle fans and they will eventually feel bad for us, but they have to stop laughing first. Oh and Everton loath Pardew :lol:

Nigeyman: After a peaceful and tranquil 6 months with no major Dramas, Mike Ashley's alarm 'do something to surprise/annoy the Newcastle fans went off and he acted in spectacular fashion....feel sorry for you guys.

Kingdawson: Extremely funny tbh. I genuinely think Ashley has done this in order to get Pardew out otherwise it makes no sense at all.

Spursalot: If he'd come in and just knuckled down and tried to do his job it would have been alright. However the mouthing off and blatant lying in the media makes it laughable.

Jumpers: Brendan Rodgers showed to the world he was a complete clown in Liverpool's documentary last season, but is a great manager who I think will have Liverpool in the top four in the next three seasons. Kinnear has come across as a clown but the proof is in the pudding and it's too early to judge whether he will be a success/failure or not.

Mumorn: I haven't really been following

PaulieMC: Mike Ashley is the only owner in the league I'd have Kenwright over. Ashley doesn't even pretend he's Arsed about the club's fans. He's embarrassed Newcastle with this Joe Kinnear appointment, it's clearly because he wants shot of Padrew without paying any of the massive compensation. Shame to see a club just embarrass itself and its fans so publicly and carelessly. (By the way, I got about 500 RTs for posting the joke about Yohan Cabaye's wife being called Donna haha.)

Deloodid: doesn’t interest me to be honest,

Cena: I just can't believe you have gone back for him. I know you didn't have a great season last year, but you were never going to do any worse. Now Kinnear is there, it seems to have created a bit of an uneasy feeling which could set you back. I don't for one minute think you'll get relegated or anything daft like that, but everything at Newcastle just seems really unsettled that you could struggle. Alternatively, it could have the opposite effect and you could have a great season, we'll see.

RadioFriendlyUnitShifter: Hilarious. Seeing two titans of delusion in Pardew and Kinnear collide will be fantastic entertainment for us all.

Ijjysmith: Without being nasty it's bloody funny. Not a fan of Pardew for obvious reasons, and I'm thoroughly enjoying a fat old bloke ruining your club a little bit more each day.

Housequake: He's a cockney spiv who's more trouble than help, Ashley must have something on him,

Jacko93: If it absolutely destroys Pardew, then I'm all for it.

Darth Toffeeman: A total farce but funny because of your manager surely?


Which Newcastle players would you like to see in your side?

As with the Manchester clubs there was a lot of respect for Cabaye and Ben Arfa, yet tinged with concerns about their attitude from the Everton fans.

Spursalot: On ability i would go with Cabaye or Sissoko. However in reality midfield in where we have strength in depth already.

Mephitis: Gazza, Waddle, Ginolas…. Oh! Nobody in your current squad unfortunately. Soz

ChickenBadge: Sissoko is a beast, rate Krul very highly (as second fiddle to Lloris - wow!) wouldn't say no to a goalscorer like Cissé. But you can keep anyone with a surname like Amoeba

Nigeyman: Ben Arfa when playing is handy, D Santon looks a good prospect, and Cabaye is just Charmont

Blue61: Not many to be honest. Ben Arfa perhaps, if he wasn't such a cocky, greedy get.

nigelcoyb: Cabaye ... thought that lad Ranger had the makings till he turned into a rapist (always somethin' - think he could play with a padlock in his cock?)

bainesontoast: I would have said Cabaye but I saw a side to him during the Cahill incident I wouldn't want at my club. He's a very good player but his attitude doesn't impress me. The same applies to Ben Arfa. Another very good player but he has attitude problems. I think both of those players would jump ship at Newcastle given the opportunity, they are only in it for themselves and not the club. I wouldn't want that sort of player at Everton.

Azzurri: Cabaye can play but he's a bit of a snide. I also rate that Krul. Cisse would do a job for us better than anything we've got at the moment I think and I'd have Ben Arfa coming off the bench.



Pardew winds up quite a few opposition managers, what's your take on him? Is he just playing games? Or is he an Average/Bad manager with a mouth?

There were one or two who weren’t as damning, but most of the Spurs lot don’t rate him, some mention his arrogance when in front of a camera and there’s a general dislike for the Silver Fox. Everton fans hate him, I mean genuinely hate him. The “Different League “ comment seems to have ruffled a few feathers and it’s unlikely he’ll be welcome round for a bowl of Scouse anytime soon.

Jumpers: I think he is a good Manager and he stands his ground.

Spursalot: He's alright. I'd currently go with average, he had a good season to hit fifth and then was a bit unlucky last season with the number of injuries that occurred at the same time.

Raoul Duke: Bad manager with a mouth. Can't stand the man. Self-centered, arrogant prick.

Mumorn: I think he's an okay manager but if you want to move up to the next level you're going to have to replace him.

Nigeyman: Went down in my estimations a lot last season...unlfucky with injuries but I found his excuses of Europa league(AVB DIDNT MOAN LOL) and injuries to be poor. With the talent at your disposal you should not have been sweating on survival away at qpr.

Tree13: He is an average manager with a huge mouth and a stunning lack of perspective and awareness. Some of his remarks about Everton have been totally uncalled for. He does your club's reputation no favours whatsoever. And he appears to be rapidly turning orange.

Ijjysmith: He's a nobhead mate. And I think you all know it too. Saying things like 'Newcastle are in a different league to Everton' and nearly getting relegated the next season does not show him in a good light. Also heard a lot of bad stories about him when he was down here with Saints

Mikeh72: He's one of the least likeable people in football and needs a slap

sharkey1001: He isnt a premier league manager - he is classless

Cena: I'm sorry, but he is a massive twit. I don't know how you put up with someone so obnoxious. I'd walk in the sea if he ever became our manager. I really think you could do so much better. Some of the stuff he spouts - seriously, why do you put up with it?

PaulieMC: Don't like him but I have sympathy for him over this Kinnear debacle. That comment about being in a "different league" was idiotic at the time and really came back to bite him on the arse as the season wore on. I think when he inevitably parts ways with Newcastle this season that he'll be lucky to walk straight another Premier League job, probably have to drop down to the Championship.

Darth Toffeeman: He just comes across as an ungracious clown. I have still never forgotten him punching the air shouting after Bent equalised for Charlton in the 90th min, only for McFadden to go up the other end and score one of the best goals I have ever seen


Where do you expect Newcastle to finish this season?

I was expecting a lot more relegation predictions than we got here. More because of mandatory “Epic Bantz” than anything else, but it seems that Everton and Spurs are predicting a fairly average season for us.

Jumpers: Momentum can be everything and last season Newcastle failed to find it, mainly due to injuries. This season I expect them to bounce back and be challenging top six. The competition in the mid-table area of the Premiership is the weakest it has been for years, probably the weakest since the Premiership began, so even if Newcastle have a poor season I can still see them finishing no lower than 8th. Plenty of easy points to pick up this season, just like last year.

Mumorn: I think with your squad you are definitely capable of finishing in the top half, last season your team was blighted by injuries and if you can stay relatively free of those injuries as well as strengthening in a few positions that can quite easily happen.

billy iddo: atm i have you down to finish a just above the relegation zone - think last seasons form will carry over and Kinnaer won't make it easier for the manager. you have a good enough squad to be comfortably mid table but with it being such a shambles behind the scenes it'll inevitability bring you down

DubaiSpur: If you get a striker and a winger in, and revert to a more classic 4-4-2 with width and pace, you'd easily finish in the top ten. Maybe even as high as the top seven. But if you persist with this tactical muddling with a manager unsuited to it, 13th to 16th is about the best you can hope for.

ChickenBadge: I'm afraid to say I think you will struggle. I think that you will find yourselves up against it to hold onto Cissé and Krul in particular if certain clubs come hunting. Villa will be a lot better, Cardiff will have a point to prove in their first season up. Norwich and Southampton are strengthening well and I think will be hard to be at home. To be fair though this is a bit worst case scenario... and I don't think you will drop. Hull will have learnt from their previous stay in the top flight but you ought to finish above them. Crystal Palace will be the whipping boys. And Sunderland will get an absolute mashing at the start of the season (have you seen their first ten home games???), Di Canio will be gone before Christmas.... and bragging rights will be well and truly yours back in the North East fellas

Cena: If you make a few decent signings and keep Kinnear out of the press you could suprise again like you did a few years ago, a top 10 minimum, however I do worry if the circus around Kinnear and your club will harm you and you could have a similar year to last. If your home form improves from last year, you will be sound.

bainesontoast: It depends on whether or not what's going on behind the scenes affects the squad. It seems like there is a lot of negative influences around at Newcastle and that it hinders your ambitions as a club. In terms of player quality, you should be a top half team but you won't get to see the quality if the heart isn't there.

Housequake: Definitely the bottom half, I think even yourselves will be open enough to admit things are shaky at the minute, with Kinnear on board though you're bound to be entertaining though!

Blue61: If they get off to a reasonable start, then mid table. If there's trouble within the camp, which I suspect there will be at some point, it could all turn sour, especially when Kinnear is the temporary manager.

PaulieMC: Considering all the crp that's happened and likely to happen a top 12 finish would be a good achievement. I do think you'll finish higher than Sunderland though, DiCanio won't last long there.


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