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  1. It could possibly mean however that ManUtd finish 8th
  2. Same when I posted earlier today I cannot forget you have folks down there who are affected. I know I've said a lot above but I dont intend on a drawn out to and fro. It is what it is. I think at the very least when tens of thousands are dying its okay, within boundaries, to voice your concerns even if they wont matter much. If at any point I've exceeded these best guess boundaries between message board friends that have never met, I hope you'll excuse me. I do read everything you say with the intention of listening and not just responding. Edit: I've mentioned before but I sympathize with the situation your family is in better than you might know. Growing up in a country where 50,000 lost their lives to suicide attacks post 9/11. Something every fucking day. I know what it feels like to walk to your school or mosque not completely sure you'll come back. Eventually did lose an uncle to one of the mosque attacks. He was a stubborn old bastard (ex army) though , by eye witness accounts took down two attackers before being shot. And through all of this what much of the world was told was that we were the terrorists.
  3. I understand that Gloom, and agree that it's strange for a football messge board to be the place to talk about this, probably one reason why we all stepped back for a bit from this thread since last year. I dont intend on engaging on a long debate. I could also take offence to the 'but do you condemn Hamas?' rhetoric that gets thrown around evertime Israeli bruatilites are mentioned. I condemn Hamas' actions on October 7. I also condemn 9/11 and 7/7 FYI. One single innocent life lost anywhere to indiscriminate attacks is unacceptable. I do however, also differentiate between a terror group led attacks killing 1400 people and an international state with an advanced military armed and funded backed by the US wiping out a whole cities and slaughtering 30,000 people (likely starving hundreds of thousands more), having occupied, blockaded and denied those people basic rights for over 70 years. Do you know how many hostages Israel has taken and currently holds? Do you know how many people they've killed in the West Bank (no 'but Hamas' here right?) and how much more land has been stolen there? I also will not accept that calling that out or criticizing Israel's actions is automatically anti-semitimism. I do accept that anti-semtimism does rise in times like these. There are unfortunately many ignorant idiots everywhere. But Israel's officials have tried to hide behind the anti-semitimism and 'but Hamas' shield for far too long now. I'm honestly not nodding to the conspiracy theories above. I struggle to comprehend just how utterly unable to critize Israel's actions the US and UK are, even when they murder their own citiziens in cold blood. Ok so you say because of the support for the jewish homeland after the holocaust. Till when does this carte blanche last? Till they've taken all the land, then maybe Lebanon? Till a 100,000 die, 500,000, a million? Will it be ok for the US to then say Israel needs to be reigned in? On a personal note Gloomy, for what it's worth I genuinely believe most people don't hate Israel for the hell of it or because they're anti-semitic. You can't just ignore decades of actions and pin it all down to that. It's what Israel has done for decades and continues to do so. For me at the very least, I hope you know that. These past few months in the US I've seen public opinion swing against Israel like never before. Even from people that were firmly 'two-sides' or 'Israel has a right to exist'. It's becoming harder and harder to justify it's actions based on those sentiments. I fear for what Netanyahu and his government are leading their people to.
  4. It's staggering the absolute depths that the US and certain European governments have allowed themselves to be dragged down to, just to defend Israel. Not only could that have implications for their domestic politics (Trump anyone?) but whatever high moral standing/political correctness left (even if it was self declared) has been absolutely laid to waste and I think the implications of that may be more than what one may immediately realise. Without giving ear to conspiracy theories, just what kind of hold does Israel have over the US/UK/Germany to elicit such unabashed double standards? Imo Iran's response was measured and reasonable. Most reports seem to be agree only militarty sites were targeted and it was done in a controlled manner. Most journos also seem to agree this was more a 'demonstration' and face saving retaliation than an attack meant to cause real damage. This is all based off a mix of western/eastern media reports and commentary of course, who knows really happened. I know I may never agree with Gloom and some others on this but to me the only real rogue, unhinged blood thirsty country in the region with the power to do serious harm right now is Israel. I wont comment in detail again about the 75 years of brutal occupation, and the massacre of 30,000+ souls. Nobody cares about Palestine, screw that. But they've also attacked UN officials, bombed UN schools, hopsitals and refugee camps, killed hundreds of reporters, deliberately targeted and slaughtered aid workers. And carried out unilateral airstrikes strikes on a fucking CONSULATE (aka declare war). If this not unhinged behaviour I don't know what is. And its not just Netanyahu. I've lost count of the amount of not just genocidal but down right disgustal racial filth that has spewn forth from the mouths of Israeli military and government officials in recent months. If any of those had come from Russia or Iran or North Korea we'd be in uproar. Maybe having never been to Israel it's not fair to comment on the distrubing tik toks and viewing parties that Israeli social media has been full, but it does make you feel sick to the stomach. It's not just Bibi. I suspect that Israel's military response to Iran's response will be limited or very contained. Not like the Gaza 'offensive', because Iran can actually fight back.
  5. Is there one of those camera views that focused only on Klopp? Id pay to see that for the last 15 minutes.
  6. Beautiful just beautiful stuff at Anfield
  7. He'll have learnt a lot from this season no doubt. Admittedly I've been frustrated at times too not least when Burn was getting rinsed down the left every week. Generally speaking he's just had very little tools at his disposal this season. Absolutely incredible we're 6th right now and Spurs and Villa fans genuinely soiling themselves looking at the fixture list. I think catching them might be a step too far for now but what an effort. I honestly thought 8th would be the best we could hope for.
  8. Aye it's absolutely insane. Like he was just looking for the slightest opportunity to point to the box. At some point the rest of the clubs have got to push for some sort of recourse for decisions that are this plainly scandalous. From FFP to referring bias it's downright anti competitive.
  9. He's got a great attitude. You could see it was there at Everton buried under all the toxicity of the place. Credit to the coaching team too, they've clearly made him feel loved and given him confidence. He's going to get better for the next 2 to 3 year at least too. He could be absolutely world class.
  10. Beyond pathetic honestly. May Ten Hag stay another season at that club and may their decline long continue. As bearable as Klopp and Arteta are nothing gives me more joy than seeing "United" get their arsed handed to them week in week out.
  11. He's used plan Bs before. Don't buy into that shite media narrative. We set up like this against City didn't we? Against Wolves at home and Villa away we sat back and hit them on the counter too. Which is why people questioned going not doing more of that in the games in between.
  12. Well that was brilliant. Front 3 had their number all game. Spurs were particularly shite too mind. Howe has now given both media darlings Emery and Ange proper tactical lessons this year against all odds. But you won't hear none of it and as soon as we lose a game all the talk will be of Howe taking us as far as he can.
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