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  1. Those useless pricks vs Everton

    Unlucky twice off the post from 2 great strikes. What a dreadful bunch of footballers though. Darlow horrendous again. And struggling to think of anyone I've seen worse then Diame. Embarrassing.
  2. Ashley made his intention to sell very public. Staveley did the same with her appearance against Liverpool. It was clear from the start that this takeover was not going to be a discreet one. Could be that neither party is interested in going to lengths to keep things secret rather than there being some clever ploy in play. Its sort of the way things are being done these days in football as well. Players transfer sagas and all. We're apparently only valued a little over Neymar after all
  3. If the fat man has any sense, he'll see the necessary investment in January as a means of securing the value of his club with a view to any takeover. Not just money down the drain. Squad overhaul is not expected in any case. A move for a striker should be sanctioned at least with the above objective in mind.
  4. To be fair taking the description of a 30 minute period of play, in a match thread, as an overall assessment of Rafa or the squad's abilities is a bit silly
  5. Didnt compare him to Pardew ffs. Get a grip. IT WAS THE WAY WE WERE DEFENDING AFTER CONCEDING THE FIRST GOAL. For a while we were playing like one of his teams. Thats all. Dear God. Some context is needed, like. Good to know how much that prick is still hated on here though, the smallest of references enough to get everyone's panties in a bunch.
  6. It was with reference to our falling apart after going ahead, and the nature of the defending. We all expected to get beat today but many were saying we'll keep it tight and competitive. Which we couldnt. We made silly defensive errors. Happens of course, especially against that sort of opposition. I was on about the way we were playing during that 2nd half. Not saying Rafa has turned into Pards overnight for heavens sake
  7. We've missed Lascelles today. Have to take the positives onwards, good first half, good going forward. Murphy actually looked decent at times today. Need to pick up points against Watford and West Brom.
  8. Stupid defending, tons of space, goals shipped left and right. Thats a Pardew team you little pricks Its a really strange game. We've played some very good stuff. Created chances. Scoreline is harsh but fact is we've been poor at the back.
  9. Like I said, Pardew team now. Disgusting defending. Who was that Clark? Pathetic.
  10. Some of the players look tired. Bring on Perez and Mitro. Take a chance. Nothing to lose.
  11. Struggling to see Joselu's contribution to the game, yet again.
  12. We've had better chances than in the last few games combined. Look dangerous going forward every time. Makes the 2 goals let in all the more disappointing.

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