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  1. Thats his quota for the season then.
  2. Ah so this is where I fit in FC Dallas.
  3. It was mint on championship manager
  4. Which really isnt spectacular anymore. Especially considering we're playing catch up to most premier league clubs in terms of spending. Not saying that's due to some fault at new management's end. As we've often discussed, it really does seem to be the most sensible approach under the circumstances. With Isak in now, you really hope we can get at least one player of Maddisson's quality in January. It could hardly be more obvious how lacking in creativity we are.
  5. Aye. Diaby and Maddison would be terrific, take us immediately to another level as attacking force. Would cost around $120M though, doubt we will or can splurge that in Jan.
  6. Yup. Maxi is critical. Stretches defences and pulls them out of position plus the end product has been better lately. I think the club has underestimated just how shite our other midfielders are. They would have hoped to squeeze something out of them this season as the project progresses but it just isn't happening.
  7. Just logged onto PL to check scores, anybody noticed those black boxes for her majesty?
  8. Can see Arsenal or someone swooping in if that's the case. Sorry just not in a positive mood right now Watching Almiron, Willock and co is punishing way to start the weekend. Need patience here I guess. Get Wilson and ASM fit, prod onto January. Good thing there is a World Cup along the way.
  9. People will know how desperately we need to upgrade so the problem of inflated prices wont go away. Unless we change our transfer policy I don't see a wildly successful Jan window. We may end up taking a bet on European prospects than the likes of Maddisson.
  10. We have half a dozen championship standard players, at best. Failed to upgrade them. Have no one else to blame. We'll be a different team with Maxi and Wilson back yet we know we cant always count on them be it due to fitness or form in Maxi's case. Work in progress etc etc. But still a very frustrating day, as poor a performance as we've had under Howe.
  11. Dear God. 3 minutes to go and our midfield making short sideways passes to each other.
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