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  1. Apparently the club doctors should be constantly scanning the 52,000 for any signs of heart weakness. They also shouldnt need to be pointed out where to rush to from the 52,000 in case there is any issue.
  2. Bit like wondering if the ambulance would've got to the scene if someone had not dialed 911.
  3. Incredible first couple of minutes though, quality goal as well with the thumping finish off Wilson. Sort of a lovely little glimpse into the future if we can manage to survive this season
  4. Difficult has it? Raking in millions while off half the time on holiday while your buddies cover up your incompetence. Fraud.
  5. So pleased that the press got Brucey's 1000th game and that it perfectly echoes his managerial career in all its glory.
  6. Hopefully thats the last we see of him as well.
  7. Yet he has the gall to try and take credit for the takeover by keeping us up. Absolute prick
  8. Imagine not giving a shite with the atmosphere we had at the start. Most of these know they're toast and probably plan on enjoying a good few more days off till then. Good riddance too I'd say.
  9. The manger is really professional apparently though.
  10. This has made me genuinely happy at the takeover all over again. Cant wait for this dross to be shipped out in Jan. Bruce is only evidence you can get anywhere with enough friends in the right places. 1000 games with his record ffs.
  11. Would a half time sacking be asking for too much?
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