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  1. Yup. I've been saying all along its ridiculous that there isnt a timeframe for the EPL to make the decision. This is exactly why there always is one, in any industry, which can be extended given certain conditions if the case becomes complicated. Now it seems they dont even have to explain the inaction that could turn out to be significant in the history of the club, the city, the region at large. It is just beyond belief. Also, funny how there is no discussion in the media about just how fair the league is now. This should have everyone connected to the sport asking why one particular club was not allowed the sort of investment plenty others already have. The sanctity of the sport, or whatever is left of it, should be in question here.
  2. I honestly think Im more interested in seeing all the jackasses held responsible for this farce than the actual takeover itself. The 350M can go towards dragging Masters and his cunt of a team through the courts. Fuck football I say.
  3. Organisational structure ffs Beyond parody this now.
  4. How can a grown man let the internet bring him down to this level man...
  5. Wonderful to watch an enjoyable Newcastle game for once, great goals too. Thought Almiron's was lush in particular. No doubt Bruce on the whole has done better than we expected. How that can lead to some people comparing him to Rafa or wanting him to stay if we become the richest club in he world is beyond me. Give him enough time and Im still pretty sure he'll take us down.
  6. 0-4 me thinks. But hey takeover by the end of the week
  7. FFS what has this thread come to
  8. Bruce Manager of NUFC

    Comparing him with Benetiz ffs imagine him Bruce in charge the last time we went down.
  9. This whole nonsense these people have built about us expecting to compete with City etc., the fact we could actually soon be in a position to do just that in a few years time cant be easy to swallow, this was not supposed to happen
  10. Not to mention quite a few of the current owners in the league.
  11. They dont, it'll be the embarrassment more than the money if they decide to go after the PL.
  12. Aye I thought Edwards had allowed his emotions to get the better of him recently, he's had a twisted view of us for a while but still there have been stupider journos out there. This puts him right up there with thickest of them though.
  13. FFS man What a farce this has become and the PL are solely to blame.
  14. I think the amount of feather ruffling/pram emptying this will cause if it goes through will be just as enjoyable as winning a trophy.

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