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  1. The official consensus is we're lapping up whatever rumours we can find. Gemmill is already making predictions for next season. Nothing is off the table.
  2. Just have to keep 2022 form going to be honest, snap up 3rd place. Should be simple enough with the new additions.
  3. I'd say give Lewis a full season under Howe. I'd love for ASM and Miggy to suddenly develop an end product but can't see it happening sadly. We need reliable creators for a top 8 push. ASM could be a useful impact sub but not sure if he'd be happy with that. May throw a fit and cause dressing room issues. Aye he gets in great positions and then bottles it Can't remember another player for us who I've seen miss so many clear cut chances.
  4. Aye agreed they've got decent attitudes but those are exactly the players we need to upgrade to get to the next level. Have we signed anyone yet? What rumours are we taking seriously? And what sources are we allowed to quote? Will Gemmill be allowed an opinion after Everton-gate? Questions that need answering soon
  5. Right then let the summer games commence!
  6. Aye what a shite transfer that would be. Rubbish surely. Our business in January has given me a lot confidence the management has got enough about them to avoid these sort of desperate deals.
  7. Incredible mental strength to bounce back today from City's players, gotta hand it to them. Mental day of football following all the games together Who's to say we wont be vying for a European spot on the last day next season
  8. Start docking clubs points for pitch invasions, it's the way to go surely.
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