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  1. Just cant believe there doesnt seem to be a regulated time limit for them to 'review' this. Bodies presiding over mergers/takeovers of any sort anywhere in the world have defined timelines for the various approval stages precisely for the reasons you've stated.
  2. From links to Bale and Coutinho to right back to losing your best prospects to Udinese once the takeover falls through. Not going to be fun.
  3. Aye surely this sort of thing, with the amount of legal effort and money that has already gone into the proposed takeover, has to have a defined timeframe for the PL to make their decision? Some sort of regulation? Absolute shambles this.
  4. Sun shines pretty hard in Saudi as well to be fair
  5. Plus it is NUFC so we can worry all we like thank you very much.
  6. Cant help but feel it more with each passing day even though you keep telling yourself its just taking time.
  7. Twitter

    Bloody hell that brings back memories
  8. Who was it Steve Wraith that said a number of clubs were also on board with trying to block the sale? Seems more to do with upsetting the status quo than anything else. These stupid pricks cant fathom the idea of anyone potentially getting up alongside the likes of their precious Liverpool and "United". Might be acceptable for London clubs even, but not us. We're supposed to be the bunch up north who ungrateful for their generous owner because of delusions of grandeur. This is completely off the script and they cant get their heads around it. Pricks
  9. Ha! I still find the outrage from these journos completely laughable. Some people are really truly pissed at the very real prospect of nufc becoming a powerhouse. Will make it all the more sweet. If it does happen
  10. Not to mention he's wont be taking over at City or Barca. There is a huge amount of work to do here.
  11. Could just be referring to your morning dump to be honest. Poch would be amazing. All these names getting thrown around man just think where we were a month back.
  12. Great to see we seem to have kindled a moral awakening across the world, the sort of which has been mysteriously absent when we help the same parties in murderous wars across the region or sign hundreds of billions of dollars worth trade deals with them. What do these pricks writing these letters expect? That the premier league or even the government will say its not ok to invest in a football club in the country, oh actually just this particular club you may invest in others, but we're completely fine selling you billions in weaponry and directly aiding you in starving millions of children. And do they expect that people will ignore the background of the childish standoff between Saudi and the rest of the middle east with Qatar thats been on an off over the last few years? To the point of them banning Al Jazeera and Bein in their countries, cutting off all flights and trade relations, and Saudi sanctioning a project to dig a massive canal inside their border with Qatar so the country becomes an island Typical of this conflict that likes of Keys are now getting involved.
  13. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    Always been more of a reader
  14. The Entirely Reasonable Potential Transfers Thread

    How's it going lads

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