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Caulkin, Bird, Edwards, Hope, Hardy etc...

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Great listen for about two hours regarding the current situation at the club with others chipping in. (Colin Whittle at the end again speaking out as he has for a few years about fan involvement at the club). Donations are asked for the West end food bank for listening to this podcast which was one of the main reasons for the people involved showing up. I'm sure a few on here have already listened or turned up on the night but for those who have not then I recommend listening to this. (Rafa topped up the money raised personally to make it £3000 raised at time of writing this).



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On 10/09/2017 at 0:51 PM, Dr Gloom said:

No Ryder?

Hahaha. I'd have fucking loved it had he been there. Some quality journalists there speaking really well of the situation and clearly have good dialogue with Rafa so it would've been hilarious hearing him speak directly after Caulkin. :lol:


@TheGingerQuiff honestly, give it a listen, it's worth the time. :good:

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