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My sister has a 12month old HP laptop.

Fuck knows what she has done to it but it is running ridiculously slow. My first bit of advice to her was a factory restore but she has a snide copy of Microsoft Office she will lose so would rather avoid that


I'm in the process of installing and running 3 anti virus programmes (bit defender, AVG, malware bytes) but it's going to take me 12hours the speed it's going.


Any other advice please?

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Have you launched it in safemode?


I know that's the obvious answer always, but if there's an application draining your processing power, it shouldn't be able to load in safemode. If your machine still runs slow, then I would suggest it's probably a hardware issue.

I stand ready to be corrected by those who work with PCs all their lives though :lol:

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On 17/10/2018 at 11:32, ewerk said:

Maybe upgrade to an SSD while you're at it.

this. I installed budget SSDs on my old laptop and my daughters .. the speed increase was huge, boots up in seconds, opening word instantly etc.. and the cooling fans don’t go as daft as they used to.


edit: you don’t have to restore and lose your files either just use something like easeus to clone your current drive.

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