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Brucie's Team of Beef Flap Munchers v Elton's Peperami Tickle Stick Play Boys

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23 hours ago, Howay said:

Can we all just support Athletico in all? 


Joking aside, I’m really pleased you got that experience mate. As zerosum said I wish it was during better times at the club, but glad you had a good trip regardless of that. 


As for on the pitch echo what many have said about Joelinton and Almiron. It looked like for Atlanta Almiron played through the middle at times, jumping on the flick ons from the forward or even running in advance of him onto through balls. It would be worth trying at home against some of the weaker sides. 

Newcastle United is bigger than a man and a few players. Even, is bigger than the League situation. Yes, obviously, everyone want to win, etc etc etc, but at the end... it doesn't motter. NUFC is a feeling. When I was a child, I liked the team because the colours, the environment in the stadium, the players (Shearer, Solano, S. Taylor, Emre, Bellamy...) but really I started to support the team when I was 16 yo... the year of the first relegation with Ashley. 


For me, the important were you, the people, the city, the songs in the stadium...  this is the real NUFC I feel. 


PS: And yes... You can support Atletico. We are more similars as a club than you think hahaha.

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S. Taylor :lol:

Love your posts Diego, I hope to visit St James one day, hopefully when Ashley is just a dark memory. Closest I've been is watching them play a pre-season game in NZ where I got to see Steven Taylor's pearly whites up close and personal.


He must have liked it there.

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