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EFL Cup Newcastle United v Blackburn Rovers 730 KO 15/9/20

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Phone rings - "Hello I'm scouting for NUFC what's Joelinton like" Answer "total cacka" Scout "Great" hangs up Scout to Mikey, "he's just like Kaka, we can get him for £40 million"

Seem to remember someone behind me at one game saying we'd have been better off signing Fu Manchu.

A buying club hopefully

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If you're Newcastle United and you have a £40m player at your disposal then you give him as much of a chance as you can to adjust to a new league. I can criticise Bruce for a lot of things but like the rest of us he must've been thinking there was some reason we paid that money for him.

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4 hours ago, ewerk said:

TBF Bruce benched him for the last four matches last season so I think even he's given up on him.

Not fully because he was brought on as a sub in those four matches,just like he was at Wisam.I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t again plays at least some part in every league game this season,if he’s not injured of course,or sold/given away.

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2 hours ago, Tom said:

Money laundering?

Hoffenheim have some pictures of Mike Ashley he doesn’t want us to see?

Our scouts are fucking shit?


I mean, honestly. How has that Nickson not been sacked immediately for such a chronic waste of money? You could hire me on £35,000 a year to watch Youtube highlights and random matches on RSA Supersport and I'd find you 3 players for that £40 million

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