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  1. Luke Edwards interviewing Steve Bruce (his besty) LE: I understand you left by mutual consent. Tell us more. SB: We agreed because I just could not work with Amanda Staveley after what she said to me. LE: Really. What did she say? SB: You're fired.
  2. I'd be happy to say nice things about him if only he would die
  3. I wouldn't have Clark anywhere near the first team. The only reasons for him to be there are that he speaks English and is left-footed. Not good enough reasons, clearly, and not good enough for the PL. Should have been sold in the summer, but presumably was given a 15 year contract instead.
  4. I thought that they changed their mind and wanted a more defensive manager, so went for Nuno
  5. You are probably right about Almiron, a better coach would get a better tune from him especially if he is played in the same position for more than 30 minutes at a time, but I wonder just how much his confidence would have improved if that shot in his first game had not hit the post, but gone in.
  6. None of whom would want him to manage coach their team!
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