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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    Lovely jubbly you plonker Rodney
  2. The Cricket Thread

    Has always seemed a bit odd that Buttler keeps in ODIs and T20s, but Bairstow in Tests. Not a good look if he picks and chooses where he plays, though. They both need to up their games with the bat, though, as opposed to as keepers.
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Been a safer (as opposed to better) batsman, as well, this year. Never going to get a sparkling 50, but has shown he can stick around with a better batsman, which poor old Moeen has just not been able to do for a while. Sometimes that is more useful than getting a lot of runs - as at Headingley.
  4. The Cricket Thread

    Good post. I agree about specialists rather than all rounders. After all, Foakes got a ton in his first test, didn't he? I am not sure that both Buttler and Bairstow can continue to be picked without getting some red ball runs soon. If either of them is to be the wicket-keeper all rounder, he must score runs. At the moment, Buttler is probably ahead, but neither is the best keeper available, which should always be the relevant factor. I like having Curran in there, both for his potential with the bat but more so because of the different angle he provides. He could do with a bit more pace, but he must be the future. We need to blood some players in NZ this winter, to see how they go. Although I cannot stand the man - he has no class whatsoever (other than as a batsman, obviously) - Smith was the difference. Labuschagne was the next best and probably saved the Lords test for Oz. Just when we had knocked out Smith, another annoyingly tough batsman came along. I don't understand, on that basis and his record in England, he was not chosen from the beginning. Finally, I totally agree about Warner - couldn't have happened to a nicer twat.
  5. Only in America

    Serves him right with a name like that.
  6. Generic small time football blather thread FOREVER

  7. The Cricket Thread

    I think Gloomy's description is better
  8. Politics

    Won't be for the referendum and ensuing chaos, certainly.
  9. That's what we all said about Spurs, but ... ... 4-0 clearly
  10. The Cricket Thread

    The main core does not have to be the same, it just so happens that the best cricketers are the best cricketers. As you say, Stoneman, Jennings and Hameed have not shown up. The real problem was with Hameed, who seemed destined to be the next Cook, when in India, got injured there and has never got any sort of form back. I am sure that everyone was dancing for joy at the ECB in his first test, but I suppose there have been lots of players over the years who have flattered to deceive. He just seemed to have it all, especially at such a young age.
  11. Politics

    No one willing to be a martyr to the Brexit cause, it seems
  12. The Cricket Thread

    They did try it for a while, but when Bayliss came in he was on his own. He is basically a limited overs coach, anyway, and was brought in for the purpose of winning the World Cup - although it would have been nice to have won the Ashes this year, as well. I am all for separate coaches, in principle, but there still needs to be someone over them who can ensure that players are not burned out, because of competing requirements of those separate coaches. For example, the limited overs coach will want his players in the IPL, but the test coach will want them rested for the summer, or playing red ball cricket at home. Not sure how we handle that, because, in the main, the core of the players is the same for each format.
  13. Politics

    If only
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    He is from Yorkshire, though, so regards himself as part of a sovereign nation outside the EU and the UK, already.

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