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  1. There's already one when he comes on to the pitch
  2. Is it only me, but I am concerned about even having Hayden in the team at the moment. While I want to have a box to box midfielder, I think his priority at the moment should be covering the back four. I noticed a number of times him ambling back to cover when he was caught out of position, and he should have been the player covering when Perez was forced to do so (not that that excuses Perez for being caught out himself). He was the furthest forward when Joselu scored as well. He was very good in the Championship, but he seems to have the Tiote disease now of trying to do more than he is capable of doing, instead of just doing the simple stuff first. There is a reason why Arsenal were happy to let him go. Also, Merino is clearly one of our best players, but players who do clever flicks off the side of the boot better make sure they hit their man, or they end up looking very stupid.
  3. Even if he was free of criminal proceedings, which is unlikely, it is just not worth it with the Ashes gone.
  4. It is the same thinking again and again. Bouncy Australian wickets, so bowl short. Of course, not what the locals do, but that is what it says in the manual. Given that our bowlers are 10kph slower (at their fastest) than the Aussies, line and length must be paramount. Why do they keep making the same mistakes?
  5. That's a bit of a sad recommendation for a bowler
  6. Or more likely hope that Mark Wood is fit
  7. Thank God that Dummett is nearly fit again
  8. The ground is owned by the Council, I think, and is only leased.
  9. Last team not to qualify, with Peru beating them yesterday in a final playoff
  10. Probably us for talking about the twat
  11. Could well be. The craic at the time was more fun than the game Also remember being thrown out of the Gallowgate at one time for sitting on a wall - seemed a bit harsh at the time.
  12. First game, in the Leazes in the mid to late 70's, when the match was called off. Can't remember who we were playing, though Nobody very happy