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  1. Really could not sum up this club better
  2. I see Bruce's tactics (I know) were to start time wasting by the 15th minute. Clearly playing for a draw and then unexpectedly gets gifted 2 goals and a red card and still doesn't know what to do
  3. Not with Bruce in charge. We will still be playing for a draw and hanging on for 40 (or is it 35 these days) points ourselves
  4. I could probably get one now (being very old and immuno-suppressed) as long as I am willing to take the risk on blood clots
  5. Well the good news in Oz is that the government has completely fucked up the vaccine rollout and made BJ look like a genius
  6. I was going to post that comment on the joke page! Muppet! (not you Howay, obvs )
  7. More likely Meenzer's Norwegian red
  8. Bit harsh on Thomas the Tank Engine
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