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  1. The issue with the extra bounce is that they must pitch it up. The last couple of tours they have bowled too short and very few balls would actually have hit the stumps. If Anderson and Broad do that, which they do normally, there is no reason why they can't succeed in Oz. It just needs proper plans in place, not a short-pitched strategy all the time.
  2. That's the Cuban ex-pat influence. They believed the communist argument, which would have (apparently) led to a rapprochement with Cuba and all that would entail. Also, probably a lot of them (especially the undocumented ones) probably work for him.
  3. Big Joe would still be working out which was the opposite direction!
  4. In other words, "people know more than me and can point it out to the world. It's just not fair".
  5. Given his age, this is completely against previous club policy, and if you think that he would have got a new contract if Rafa was still there, you're dreaming. Not that I have anything against Clark as a player, as he has been playing pretty well in a shite team, but this is worrying because Penfold is clearly still fully backing the Cabbage, when he should be looking for a replacement.
  6. I suppose the main issue is that the drug companies have got licensed to give the vaccines on the basis of testing, which indicates two jabs spaced out, not on the basis of "oh fuck, who knows, it'll work won't it".
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