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  1. Precedent Trump

    I just don't get this. Let's allow Trump back in because their man did not win. While I concede that Sanders' supporters wanted more progressive policies than they would get with Biden, surely you get rid of Trump first and then push for change from within. Morons! I suppose it was similar with Corbyn - that went well
  2. Coronavirus

  3. Precedent Trump

    Best dementia ever - it's a beautiful thing
  4. Coronavirus

    God will welcome them with open arms - and she can have them
  5. Coronavirus

    I am sure he would even sacrifice Don Junior for that, as well The man is so self-absorbed it is incredible and any adults have been told to leave the room or have run away as fast as they can, so as not to take any responsibility for the clusterfuck the moron in chief creates. At least those who listen to him are those who vote for him, so if they all take fish tank cleaner to "cure" the virus, they won't be there to vote for him in November. If only he would get it. We would see just how much social distancing would be necessary - although, of course, he is far too fit to get such a disease. Frankly, he is probably more worried about his hotel chains going bust than the economy as a whole. He only looks after number one. Dangerous fucking moron
  6. if you heard a joke today, post it

    If only
  7. Coronavirus

    Trump 101
  8. Coronavirus

    Finally actually said something useful, not that it is working
  9. Coronavirus

  10. Coronavirus

    Doesn't stop families coming in separately and all buying those items, and/or just going out and coming back in, which is definitely happening here.
  11. Coronavirus

    Are they immune?
  12. Coronavirus

    Get yourself a soy latte and calm down
  13. Funny pictures thread

    That's me sorted for any self-isolation - on repeat

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