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Optimistic Nut

Bostock's Cup

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Was skimming through all my old taped VHS videos having a clearout, when I came across this f*cking classic of a TV football film that was shown on ITV in 1999. Starred Tim Healy, and also had Nick Hancock, Ralph Ineson (Finchy off The Office), Ralf Little and a few old stars off Corrie (including the man who is the Banker on Deal or No Deal who plays a legend of a character called Alan Hardy. Can anyone remember this? The sloping pitch, the coach driver, the gay paedophilic physio, the poet Scottish centre-forward, and the young Peter Beardsley kicked out of the club for not being good enough. ;) One of the all-time classics for me.

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yeah i have a copy, Its brilliant


'Me lucky cup hat' ;)


whilst im feeling all nostalgic now, i might take another look at 'My summer with Des' to get me in the world cup mood!!

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I think I remember it. Is it the same one where they play a side and the pitch is almost vertical?!



Aye, the famous "sloping pitch" played on a hill. ;)


Alan Hardy: "We're playing against eleven men and *BEEP*ing Isaac Newton!"

Tim Healy: "I've never heard so much *BEEP*ing *BEEP* in all my *BEEP*ing life."

AH: "Second half just shoot from any *BEEP*ing where and we'll score"

TH: "Do you wanna *BEEP*ing manage this team?"

AH: "Yes!!"

TH: "Well I'm the *BEEP*ing manager God help me and you all do what I *BEEP*ing say"

AH: "Nobody understands a *BEEP*ing word, you *BEEP*ing say"


:icon_lol: Classic.

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And the club nickname "The Underfeltmen" where they got paid their "bonuses in carpet glue in order to avoid tacs". ;) ITV has to repeat this sometime. Mike Bassett was a clear rip-off of it.

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