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  1. Ignore him, most people on here do.
  2. Please stop posting links to streams of video or that radio one (which is a feed from NUFC World and should be paid for). Another site got "done" the other week for posting links to streams and i would appreciate it if you did not put us in the position where we may be in the same scenario. Thanks
  3. http://www.toontastic.net/forum/index.php?...=4276&hl=bombay
  4. Hes already had a couple of warnings after a couple of previous threads of his had to be deleted. To be honest it was pointed out to him that i do not think we have had to ban anyone yet and have had very little to do in general in those terms. However he put up some porn links last night and was sent a pm relating to this where he agreed to tone it down, you may argue that it has been harsh but after stating he would chill out to come back on less than 24 hours later and call people cunts, pricks and wankers as well as the comments that some find verging on racism is "kicking the b
  5. We do like to keep our members happy therefore your request has been granted. Adios
  6. Archie


    He also suffered from Solanos sale, always looked a better player when playing down the right with the little Peruvian.
  7. Hello there! Can i ask how you came across this forum?
  8. I still question spending 18 million on one player when our squad is still lacking quite a few players.
  9. Yes you are as there is no way Viduka would be allowed to leave for that amount
  10. Aye fuckin hell, come on lads it could be worse - we could be Real Madrid. 18011[/snapback]
  11. If toontastic members were cartoon characters...who would you be and why?
  12. Regardless of how good or bad Sven as a manager there were still 11 good players on the park who didn`t get the job done.
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