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  1. Juat got back. i live in Leicester so it's an easy jaunt from Posh. Very dis-organised first half. No one could get past their lump of a center back Exodus. The goal just before HT though got the players thinking and the first 20 mins of the 2nd half we seemingly wrapped the game up. But it certainly wasn't an easy win and certainly we tried to thow it away. Good job that today WASN'T the performance to seal Premiership football. It was hardly a classic. Shout out for the entire crowd though. Terracing is the way forward!
  2. if anyone has a spare ticket tommorow please do IM me. I live not to far from the ground and I would kill to NOT have to wear blue tomorrow!
  3. pretty much how I see it. I think Forrest will draw and we'll win comfortably. I saw Posh a few weeks ago and it didn't make for pretty watching. Saying that Mark Cooper has since gone and it's a much tighter unit... Still should be no worry though. I'll be waving from the Main stand if no spare ticket becomes available...
  4. Hi Guys, still desperately seeking a ticket for this Saturday. I live 15 mins from Posh anyway so I'll be in the area anyway - would be nice to not have to sit in the home end! Cheers Shortster
  5. That is EXACTLY the thing that I worry about. In this instance I'd rather be a Buzz than an Armstrong. Still we're all gonna go f'ing mental IF/WHEN we win this league. Back to the topic, I thought at Donny we held our nerve well - after the ALMOST bananaskin of Bristol we did well to come back. It's little moments like that, that win a season. West Brom can huff and puff all they like. Reading played well away at Leicester (was there) and I'd fancy them for 3 points.
  6. oi oi folks. Don't suppose there is a spare ticket for Posh going? pref on the terraces. This one snuck up on me and I've neglected to get a ticket when I could. All help appreciated and beer is of course available as additional payment!
  7. As a Leicester resident (not by choice) I feel obliged to let you guys know that goings on around these parts. 1) Leicester is surprisingly full of Forrest fans. Make sure you show the badge and tell them it’s all gonna go tits up for them! 2) If you’re coming from the station PLEASE cover your shirts etc. the Leicester bobbies are notorious for being a little heavy handed and they will frogmarch you to the ground 3 hours early! Incidentally the walk from the station to the ground is about 20 mins, taking you past the Leicester Tigers ground (boo) and my house 3) Do avoid the pub
  8. oi oi... anyone getting tickets for leicester away, could they get a spare (under 22) one for us? I live in Leicester and I'd be MIGHTY annoyed if I can't get to the game 500 yards frmo my house! They don't go on general sale and with all these matches postponed I reckon quite a few more people will come down here to the Midlands than was first thought. If you could help us out I would be ever so greatful. Ta Shorts
  9. I take it that there are NO, repeat NO spare tickets for Sheff Wed then? Look like the home end for me then!
  10. I adore the FA Cup and I would be seriously naffed off if we didn't give it a go. Cardiff and Milwall in recent times have shown that Championship teams can make it to the final and I'd like to think that we could do the same. I'd be extra naffed off if we lost to a Championship side who will be at the foot of the table come Feb... They've got just got other concerns as well as us (ie staying up) so who's to say they won't put a weak side out.
  11. I was the fanzine editor at Kettering Town during his fateful 39 days at the club. It was SCARY to see the number in the outarage. "Advisors", "friends", "colleuges"! Where are they now! The guy needs to be locked up until it's 100% out of his system. And if that means he'll remain confined forever apart from the odd outing at big events and to switch the odd set of christmas lights on, then so be it. Before he does any further harm to himself OR the public.
  12. Aye, get booked up now. I remember a couple of seasons back this fixture being ruined because GNER up'ed tickets to around £100.00 and onwards. Also try splitting the journey in two / Newcastle to Peterborough - Peterborough to Kings Cross. That usually works out cheaper...
  13. It's a medium F you. I think Gary Jules with Mad World getting to number 1 was a pretty dire thing to happen. Other awful number 1 that spring to mind are: Bob the Builder - 2000 Mr Blobby - 1993 and Mull of fecking Kintyre - 1977 Lord knows what you were all thinking!
  14. Living in Leicester, the town's folk aren't exactly chuffed that only one of the 3 major teams in the area where chosen - MK has had a huge bearing on that because they've never been in a previous bid. The plans for a new Ashton gate look like St Mary's / Walkers / Pride Park etc anyway. Talk about lack of character in the grounds chosen. St James win's hands down and that's setting aside my bias.
  15. I spent the same amount of time on Vieira! What a weird spelling! Quite a few defenders amongst that lot too - more than I thought there would be...
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