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  1. why would Shearer be promised a £20m war chest when the club is up for sale? If Ashley sells the new owner... 1) may not want shearer 2) may give him more/less than £20m 3) may not want scholes/beckford lazy journalism
  2. I don't blame Shearer for yesterday But I don't think he should be manager next season - maybe one day - but not now We have been arrogant too long, thinking people like Al will save us. The truth is, the only person to get us back to the prem is someone who has done it before. If he wants to manage, let Shearer get his badges and start at some little team before coming home. We need to get a manager who has won the championship before!
  3. a lot of new away grounds next season!
  4. I know a Leeds fan very well and was talking to him about this. They went from 40k to 30kish in their first season. I would expect us to lose 25% of our fans, bringing us in the 30-40k region. I pray to God we bounce staright back up as that will fall even further if we stay down.
  5. unless they sort themselves out, they'll beat derby's record
  6. Leaving for Birmingham in a few minutes I was very optimistic before, but sh****ng it now
  7. I put money on us staying up a month back
  9. If we get something on Sunday, lets not celebrate until we know the other full time results!
  10. Villa 1-2 Newcastle Hull 0-2 ManU Sunderlad 0-2 Chelsea
  11. If we win at Villa, I hope Hull do beat ManU - assuming Chelsea beat The Mackems
  12. I'll be at the game, but will Sky+ the game. Will enjoy it when we stay up. If it all goes wrong, I think I'll burn the box.
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