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  1. It's going to be all praise for Shelvey but Perez has been insane tonight. Great performance and showing his worth.
  2. Any of our recent managers would have had us shut up shop at 2 nil. Rafa no - and we're stil pushing forward. Great times for us
  3. wonder where Murphy is. Be good to give Atsu some decent time on the pitch in the 2nd half - be interesting to see what he brings.
  4. Thanks - will give that a try.
  5. Hi - does anyone have/know someone with 1 spare ticket for QPR please?
  6. Does anyone know if there will be any away tickets for sale tomorrow at the ground? Or does anyone have two spare tickets for sale?
  7. He's at Palace now - £5 million touted as the fee. If Pardew goes, we're lining up an approach for Frank De Boer from Ajax.
  8. http://www.joeybarton.com/interview-with-jonathan-northcroft/ Listen from about 4 minutes - Barton reckons Pardew is the best English manager around.
  9. I feel for Pardew because guaranteed 110% these are not his words. This has Wendy Taylor/Ashley written all over it. He's the scapegoat, the one they hope the fans will vent anger on.
  10. Gut is telling me there's zero chance of Ba coming back on loan. We can't afford another loanee with high wages. And not sure I want him back. He had his chance, and he left. Tough shit, enjoy the bench son at Chelski (sorry reserves, no room on the bench for you) and now tell us that you can play at a better club than ours.
  11. Had a dream about this game last night. Ben Arfa scored a wonder goal to take us one up, Navas equalised before Shola Ameobi scored a last minute winner! Get that on at the bookies! ha
  12. Tonight's game will now tell us what's going on. Cabaye withdrawn from squad = bye bye! Cabaye plays + goes over to fans after match = bye bye!
  13. If I'm a season ticket holder, how do I get hold of that class shirt? Is it available online or do I need to ring up?
  14. Just watched a youtube clip of Gignac - know's how to find the net like!!
  15. I think our priorities would be to get strikers and someone who can play wide right. Tbh I think we should be signing Bent, Remy and Sinclair. Sinclair for me would be an outstanding signing. Him wide left, with Barfa wide right, and then competition for Cisse up front. It would be amazing to be able to call upon the likes of Remy/Bent/Campbell instead of Ameobi.
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