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  1. When is Ben Arfa due back? For the love of God I hope its soon. Providing his leg isn't permanently crocked, He's the only pacey attacking player who can finish.
  2. Hello, I'm currently looking into tickets for the Liverpool game. It will be the first time for a long time that I've seen Newcastle play at home, and am looking for advice on where best to sit, difference in atmosphere between stands, that sort of thing. Not bothered about price, I just want to be sure that I can actually see that its Newcastle I'm watching. Cheers in advance.
  3. I sense a humiliating defeat and possibly an N'Zogbia hatrick on the cards...
  4. Cant see us scoring again unless something magic happens, like a Barton overhead kick from the halfway line.
  5. As good as he may be, we need at least 2/3 attacking players to do well this season. Sigh.
  6. I'm a rational, free-thinking atheist. I don't mind if people are religious. If it gets you through the day, then it gets you through the day. However, for better or worse, I can't help but treat people who claim to be religious like they have a mild learning difficulty. I'm never really sure what to say to a full-grown adult who believes in heaven or hell as a concept. I just ask them if they're okay a lot and make sure they have enough to eat/drink.
  7. I would love it, love it, if it was true.
  8. Hopefully Hughton was just experimenting and he'll put his lab coat back on the peg after today's match. I have a horrible feeling that this isn't the case though Reminds me of the bonkers tactics he used away from home last season, the awful televised draw at Leicester springs to mind.
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