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  1. Shelvey touched the ball on its way through, so they were all onside. Mbappe benefited from it recently against Spain.
  2. So your not a xenophobe if you say something xenophobic, but stick an * at the end. Got it. Meanwhile....
  3. Prejudice definition: preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. Do I have to paint you a picture. You linked the kneeling restraint to Israel based on nothing but your own xenophobic prejudice. How on Earth we are at fault. That is some bat shit crazy statement. Please read up on the two-state solution before you pretend to know a single iota about the conflict and who is trying to resolve it peacefully.
  4. You've seen something bad and linking it to Israel. Subconscious or not, xenophobia is not ok. It mental to suggest they use it. And it highlights your prejudice.
  5. Advocating Xenophobia? Nice. New low Alex.
  6. Because they are the best in the world. Lookup krav maga. Fyi, Krav maga get a bad reputation because of its no nonsense approach. But, it categorically does not advocate kneeling on a neck as a restraining technique. Krav maga would mandate you restrain (handcuff) and remove the threat (put in back of the van). Most special forces are taught it as it highlights things like when you are fighting 4 vs 1, step a foot behind a doorway to reduce the threat vector. Simple but effective.
  7. It's highlighted in bold in the quote you are replying to. "I mean, I could believe that it's an Israeli police technique" fyi, the Israeli police dont enforce law in Palestine, the military do.
  8. You are literally spouting the xenophobic trash the Labour party are trying to stamp out. To suggest the Israeli military have a restraining technique of kneeling on Palestinians necks shows you have no clue of the spot light they are under on a daily basis.
  9. We might as well add it to the list. Johnson is starting to sound a lot like Corbyn talking about anti-semitism, so i guess it must be Corbyns fault in some way.
  10. There is literally nothing that adds up. If me and the missus suspected we might have corona virus, the last thing we would do it get in a car with the kids - all breathing the same air for 3 hours. He took the virus from one end of the country to another.
  11. Matt Hancock has regularly said in the daily briefing. "No test is better than a bad test" https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/why-a-bad-test-really-is-worse-than-no-test-9pdvsxmrd I think he was referring to the antibody test s we bought that were 5 to 1. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/16/world/europe/coronavirus-antibody-test-uk.html
  12. I wish the government would stop saying they are following the science. Scientists have to publish their papers, open them up to be scrutinised by other scientists. I believe Sage are being paid by the government, so how can they claim to be independent? It's an absolute shambles. Herd immunity was clearly a mistake, it was based on China's death rate being so low. Sage incorrectly assumed if the NHS didn't exceed its capacity, then the death rate would be low (flatten the curve). The NHS never got overrun and the nightingale hosptials were barely used. The plan was executed very well. Its just the plan was based on the flawed low Chinese death toll data. Checking the data is fit-for-purpose is 100% on the UK government. In early March, the UK government did not role out a nationwide testing program because the testing kits were shoddy, 1 in 5 were accurate, therefore we sensibly advised anyone with symptoms to self isolate. Why was our inability to test accurately not factored into the Chinese data? America pulled China and WHO up on the ridiculously low death toll reporting, and China responded by increasing it's death toll numbers. Think about it. If a test came back negative, China excluded it from their death toll. And we based our entire plan on their numbers. The crazy thing is, we did the exact same thing with our death toll numbers! So why was this not factored into the Chinese numbers?? At the very least Sage should have asked China for it's death toll (regardless of cause) and its average death toll for Feb/March, this would give a much better baseline for the death toll. The plan was only changed when Italy's death toll came in. Currently we are basing our plan on the R value. I do wonder, if we are making similar flawed assumptions.
  13. Its specifically for the Oxford trial which is in phase two of human trials (so doesnt need any further research funding). It'll pay for the pre-production of 30m doses, ready to go in September. https://www.businessleader.co.uk/84m-funding-boost-for-uk-vaccine-programme/89643/
  14. Funny how people try to rewrite history. The choice was between a buffoon and a clown. Labours' failed Corbyn experiment is more to blame for letting the right wing take over the Torys' than the centre voters are for not voting for a clown (and his circus).
  15. Starmer does seem very electable from what I've seen so far. I can see a massive switch to Labour this year. It will take time to undo the feeling of incompetence Corbyn projected, but the Tory's are certainly making it easy.
  16. Fuckin hell that's mental. Does it beep like a smoke alarm? Seriously though, give PALS a call, they're great at getting things moving in the NHS. No idea if they can do anything, but they should be able to get it confirmed if it was cancelled in error. https://www.nhs.uk/common-health-questions/nhs-services-and-treatments/what-is-pals-patient-advice-and-liaison-service/ https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/other-services/Patient-advice-and-liaison-services-(PALS)/LocationSearch/363
  17. The player said he felt fit - hardly the same. Bruce got slated for playing ASM after his hamsting issue. Now he's getting slated for not playing him. There isnt a manager in the world that wouldnt pick him out of our lot. Think about it. It was 100% the press shit stiring. Notice the article was taken down after their jorno said they didnt say there was a falling out. Is player not happy with not being picked a story?
  18. How do you know what they smell like mate? You might as well have shouted witch burn him. 😂😂
  19. Give your head a wobble man. I literally just said there are deluded fans casting a Rafa shadow over the club, polarising everything as either world class or shite. Blowing hot and cold. And your response, twice, is to cast a bigger shadow. For the avoidance of doubt. I'm not saying Bruce is better than Rafa. I'm simply saying the "bruce is shite" bandwagon is a joke. More so, when we are 8pts better off than last season.
  20. The Newcastle job has always been touted as a poisoned chalice because of fans with this mentalility. Casting a huge Rafa shadow over the club. The simple fact you cant accept he's not doing that bad is why we'll never amount to anything. It's the same binary logic that ran Robson out of a job. There is a middle ground. Managers arent world class or shit. Most sit in the middle ground.
  21. With Rafa being a world class manager, does your offer even odds mean you think Bruce is also a world class manager? Or at the very least not as shit as the mugs on here want to paint him after three poor performance?
  22. Some of you lot having a pop at Bruce is laughable. We are 8pts better off than last season link.
  23. You should really read up on the guy they executed. He funded countless militia groups to carry out attacks like the one on the US consulate link. This is on top of having half the Iraq government on the payroll link. And lets not forget taking one of our ships from international water! link Cutting the head off the snake will bring them back down to Earth without causing another power vacuum like the Iraq war. Its about time the fuckers pulling the stings got executed instead of needless wars. Iran have called for three days of mourning, but there is very little civilian support within Iran for their military adventures, given most struggle to put food on the table because of the sanctions. Quick hard action to set boundaries (like blowing up Assad's chemical stores) followed with justification and confirmation of no further attacks. The US have done a sterling job n the middle east.
  24. Fair point. I thought the same.
  25. There is no logic under that rock. Burham is the most electable MP Labour have had since David Milliband, but neither are MPs. Kinnock seems to understand why Labour lost ---> link
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