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  1. Nah thats a way off yet, ask John the Brief (lawyer specilising in insolvency) he has posted plenty of stuff about this on other forums. Where is this John? Get him in here, assuming he'll hang around long enough to say something. He's a very busy bloke Not a workshy tosser like me EDIT: Just emailed him so assuming he's not in court.....
  2. ffs get a grip. all he will do is go back to the bbc and await developments - it may even take til January 2010, but he will return, ther eis nothing more certain than that. If the club isn't sold by Aug 31 when the window shuts, it will be consolidation time until the sale route opens again before the new one opens by which time the club will either be more appealling to buyers as it is top/challenging making the chance of getting nearer to the asking price more likely, OR it is floundering, with money leaking out all owa the place making Ashley determined to get rid no matter what.
  3. Nah thats a way off yet, ask John the Brief (lawyer specilising in insolvency) he has posted plenty of stuff about this on other forums.
  4. To be fair as we are no longer a PLC it's virtually impossible to get enough genuine information to make a robust estimate of current value, but if you take last set of figures available BA (Before Asley) and extrapolate them using the press speculation about various things you get back to a value of about £80-£100M, many ways to value a business but as in any market any business is "worth exactly what somebody is prepared to pay"
  5. things were so bad under the last owners like That's a bit unfair, the last owners did pretty well in comparison. Aye, Fat Fred did very well out of it, prolly why he wants to get his piggy bank back of Ashley for a pittance
  6. Realistic valuation for the club is between £80M and £100M, about half what it was this time last year. The only problem is that every fucker will be trying to chip that price as low as they can get it which leaves us with the fat fool for at least another 5 months - nobody with any sense would buy until just before the January window opens
  7. Nope, how about you expand on what is idiotic about my post? I'm sure a giant intellect like yours is more than capable of that
  8. Duff will do well at this level and Jonas will be long gone see Lua Lua on the right wing for most of the season myself, but same as last couple of years unless one of the youngsters steps up to the plate we haven't got a central midfielder capable of finding a black and white shirt with a pass of any description. If we lose most of the deadwood and some of the youngsters deliver at this level (if you've watched the stiffs lately there is a good chance they will) we have a very good chance of getting at least a play off berth. Make no mistake the Fizzy pop is a very very poor league!
  9. you a clairvoyant ??? Seen the Sun yet today ??!! The Express and Torygraph carry better stories on that front today with comments from Rob Lee
  10. Judging by the performance at Huddersfield we will be strolling nowhere this season
  11. Be interested to see the calculations from the forecast £57M loss, e.g. assuming no transfers in or out from now on (not realistic I know) would give a wage bill of approx £60M and allowing £20M for other costs would give an approx cost base of £80M, so a loss of £57M would mean an income of only £23M in total wich is a tad unrealistic.
  12. Again how can I possibly comment on a season that was 20 years ago, I was 4. I don't know the reason why the gates were so low then, it doesnt make sense to me as i've got several videos from that mid eighties era with Villa, Ardilles, Hoddle, Waddle and we were fantastic. I would hazard that the economic situation had some to do with it, Thatcher era... I do take issue with those saying I'm not renewing because its a farce and manager isn't installed and Ashley is in charge BUT preach about how fan fucking tastic it is you have 25,000 true supporters that have signed up for this season
  13. He'll be ok in the CCC no danger. Paying someone £70k pw to play in the CCC is madness though. TBF paying half of the muppets in our squad that sort of money in the prem was madness, hopefully he will be gone before the season starts
  14. Samuel Adjei?? Aye, rings a bell, looked to have a decent touch and fast as feck
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