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  1. Hearing some of these comments I now understand why the rest of the premiership call us 'fickle fans' or 'unpatient' at best. Premiership games under Roeder: 18 Points scored: 34 Give the guy a chance for christ sake! Two bad results and we start likening him to Souness... Ridiculous. I for one will be at the Everton game next week cheering on the lads AND Roeder for what he has done for us post Souness
  2. What a joke. we have had 64% poossession and villa have only had two shots. Are we playing with just oba up front?, if so we need a second up there for the second half, we got no end product it sounds like...
  3. Is a player that has always exited when on the pitch, his close ball control and ability to find space for others is second to none. I wonder what people think our team will be this season though? I'm not sure that having just Emre and Parker in the middle works as a partnership (Assuming Martins + Ameobi up front) , especially as we now use Parker as a 'box to box' player, Emre is not defensive minded enough to hold fort on these occasions. Perhaps Emre on the bench and Gravesen? playing, or Drop Ameobi and continue to play a 5 man midfield to give Emre and Parker more freedom??
  4. Thats what i've just heard. I thought Roeder had already dismissed the possibility of us taking him back a few times already... Best defender ever not to have played! Probably for the best we dont take him back, he would only bugger off back to madrid if he did ever find his fitness again and make me feel again
  5. Don't reckon Martins would much appreciate anything that starts with "He's Black", we wouldnt want to piss him off just as he arrives! ... 'Obafemi Martins"? Am struggling myself to think of one, not the easiest name in the world to create a chant for..
  6. http://www.sportnetwork.net/main/s70/st102878.htm?fromrss=1 The Times quotes: “I will join Newcastle on Thursday,” Martins said. “I am very happy about this.” Two days ago, Martins said to BBC Sport that a deal with Newcastle was "80% done". This was followed up with Inter's acceptance of a £10m offer from Newcastle, with the transfer set to be concluded with ease. However, not long after the bid was accepted, SkySports revealed that Portsmouth were also planning to make a late bid, seemingly to better ours and snatch the player at the last minute. With new Portsmouth owner Gay
  7. He is 25 in october, they grow up so fast
  8. I agree, and what I find myself wondering is that if we'd signed him start of this summer, and he was completely unknown, whether people would be impressed with him based on pre-season/Wigan form. 183044[/snapback] He's played himself into the team for the time being thats for sure (even if we had other strikers...) Completely agree it's about time St James got behind him. Even if he has his bad days, the stick he got at times was unfair and cant have been helping. I think if we are to see a new and improved Shola though, it has got to be this season as he is hardly
  9. Without wanting to sound like Liverpool fans with Dirk Kuyt... If Martins ends up in Portsmouth then he hasn't the ambition that we want in a Newcastle player. That said I'd be very surprised to see him end up there. If we have already agreed a fee with Inter then its too late for Portsmouth to try and do to us what we did to Liverpool last year with Owen, and I cant see them beating our wages by much either tbh. More competition at portsmouth for strikers currently as well (God I NEVER thought id be saying that ) Looking forward to seeing us landing him in next day or two
  10. 182396[/snapback] I dont like hearing about how fantastic a human being Shola is supposed to be, it reminds me of people talking about Heskey and how he needs to be more mean and powerful on the pitch and all that bollocks... Would prefer 'fantastic striker' tbh. 182415[/snapback] 1 goal every 2 games do you? 182470[/snapback] It looks like the Shola debate is still alive and kicking then... Wasn't a slur on the lad, simply pointing out the comparisons between the way he is spoken about and the way Heskey is often referred to as a 'fantas
  11. 182396[/snapback] I dont like hearing about how fantastic a human being Shola is supposed to be, it reminds me of people talking about Heskey and how he needs to be more mean and powerful on the pitch and all that bollocks... Would prefer 'fantastic striker' tbh.
  12. Souness was here longer (felt like forever... ) , the league stats are; Robson: Games:139 W:67 D:38 L:34 Pts:239/ 1.72 Per Game Souness Games:61 W:20 D:12 L:29 Pts:72/ 1.18 Per Game Roeder Games:16 W:11 D:2 L:3 Pts:35/2.19 Per Game
  13. This strand has become like chinese whispers! Where did Sultans and Shiek's come from, seriously??? Belgravia company is a bunch of southerners from Jersey that are your standard capitalist investors... not very middle eastern.
  14. Martins has 9 goals in 22 games in the CL, Kuyt hasn't done a thing outside the Dutch league even though he's 5 years older. For me Kuyt is the unproven player out of the two. 181466[/snapback] If we sign him I hope you are right , I am only going on the limited amount I have seen of both of them and for me Kuyt is the more complete footballer, and will score more goals. Suppose its irrelevent anyway we will get to find out this season its looking like..
  15. Completely depends on who the player is and how we rate them... So in this case Kuyt (in my opinion) is worth more than £6m seeing as he has been top scorer in Holland for the past two seasons, and looks like a genuinely intelligent player with an eye for goal... Martins is a reserve player from Italy, who has a bit of pace and is as yet unproven. I would have been happy for us to pay up to £10m for Kuyt but not for Martins. Its a fair enough opinion
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