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  1. Kuqi Kuqi Koo.......!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ya i reckon Ranger will net a few this season yet.. Best has got a goal or two in him too.. The service won't get any worse.. That's one of the main things..
  3. Ya its a pity... But he's not worth £35million... NO WAY.. I'd take Rodallega as a consistent replacement. That'd do me.. Plus if Ireland and Ben Arfa become permanent additions, it'll be a lot more footy on the floor, which i wouldn't note as Carroll's selling point. Carroll benefited a lot from good supply. Barton was the main man there..
  4. as much as i'd like to sound businessy and smart saying "CASH IN".... Its really not worth it.. Why add players like Ben Arfa and Ireland to the team if you're getting rid of a striker.. He cost us nothing so there's nothing to lose in refusing 30m.. You can't lose money on rejecting that fee.. He's cost zilch..
  5. Looks like a Stanley Kubrick fan..
  6. Not the first time it happened.. Doubt it couldn't have been prevented... i.e. w/Murdoch et al..
  7. Tevez to Newcastle eh? I wonder is this in any way linked to the deal that was made when Gonzalez was signed there 2 seasons ago.. i.e. loan Gonzalez and you'll get first rights on a load of South American players...
  8. Are there any fuckin' pictures of Newcastle players without that fuckin' advert behind them??? Someone posted a link to some pics from the wham game the other day and all but one had that fuckin' shitstain logo in the background. *cough* I've got a SportsDirect mug.. Its class.. Biggest mug i've got.. Saved buying a teapot..
  9. Will Pardew ever shut the fuck up by the way... The amount of in-house stuff he keeps talking about is ridiculous...
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