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  1. Pricey too, £60 a head before they push the wine pairing with each course on you iirc
  2. Anyone tried the 'Hop and Cleaver' on the quayside? Thinking about taking the (yank) missus there but didn't know if it was decent american scran?
  3. Dyson DC59 Animal. Living up to it's name; an absolute beast.
  4. odds on Lee Clark getting the job, taking them down then doing an interview live on Sky Sports News, admitting to doing it deliberately while wearing that t-shirt?
  5. If you, or anyone you know is involved in education, you could help me out a little by throwing this link at them... http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Teacher-Graham Basically I'm a teacher up here, from up here with some things to offer other people that I have created myself and that work well in the classroom. A good amount are free so it's not about whoring myself around; I want to give a little back too. Cheers
  6. Christ on a bike. Had a cocked eyebrow from the old man about a transit, they're a little old school. I was hoping a removal firm was < £500, but 2 large? from who?
  7. So I'm a first time buyer moving into a house from living with the rents. Good times! I'm a complete newbie with the removal process though and would appreciate any suggestions / advice from anyone with experience with certain firms. As I live with my parents at the moment I clearly don't have a huge amount to move, a bed, 2 closets, 2 chests of drawers, pots&pans, pc, med size tv, and other tat like clothes and books/dvds. Much appreciated
  8. At the end of the day he is a rb / rwb who can also play at lb if needed. At inter under Mourinho he was trained as a rb and looked like he could be a pretty could one too - bombed forward regularly, crossed, dribbled and had a good range of passes too. Just like Enrique he's going to have a little adjusting to do until he gets used to the English game. He can do a job at lb as he showed midweek - Nani had absolutely nowt on him - but he prefers the right side.
  9. Early doors but Santon has had a few great touches, won headers and passes. Really hope he has a good game and cements a 1st team spot
  10. Rumour is that Abeid and Cabaye start in the middle, Colo starts and Cheik is on the bench, Exciting stuff, also Dabizas, Ketsbaia and Laurent Robert have flown in for the tribute.
  11. Rather have Harper away than Forster. Forster seems like an up and coming keeper who could challenge Krul. Harper has shown great loyalty but is always on his way downhill
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