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  1. I believe Ranger signed the bumper five year deal when Mr Shearer was in charge. From memory anyway..
  2. Have you got a link to that Those Were The Days interview? I remember watching it at the time and it was quality. Never been able to find it since though.
  3. He didn't used to be. Used to be an absolute cunt of the highest order but maybe Durham have brought him down to earth. If he was out with J69 he's probably just as you remembered him. Ha! He got turned down for England at age group level three times for "attitude problems".
  4. He didn't used to be. Used to be an absolute cunt of the highest order but maybe Durham have brought him down to earth.
  5. Ten years ago despite it being the fifteenth on Thursday? Hmm.
  6. Off to Liverpool? They're said to be monitoring his contract situation at the minute according to Sky. Can see it happening as well, but will be absolutely gutted if he does go, one of my favourite Newcastle players
  7. Whitey

    Paul Robinson

    He's moved back in with his parents, or did a year ago. He makes footballers seem clever and he also loves his charlie..
  8. He's currently training with Arsenal. It follows Lehmann's return, when's Henry returning?
  9. Anyone go to the event he was speaking at tonight?
  10. Ireland was also In Koos on Tuesday, as was Nile Ranger who was going mental because they wouldn't let him in VIP as he didn't have a wristband.
  11. Very true. You can't say "if only" about Pedro, he was a model professional in both looking after himself and working hard I understand. I get the impression Dyer and Woodgate are very thick which might have something to do with it. A lad i went to uni with, his dad taught Woodgate and said he was thick by footballer standards, which makes him borderline special! And agree with people about Shearer, he was certainly gifted, but allied to his mentality and strength of character he stepped it up even higher and there are many players who would have been finished at the top level with even 1 of his injuries never mind all of them. I believe his nickname amongst footballers is 'plank' if footballers think you're thick, you must be pretty fucking thick!
  12. Spot on that like I don't think it is. I don't think he'd have stayed for 15k and championship football once spurs came in with champions league football and a juicy contract. Where did you get this info from like? They weren't in the Champions League then..
  13. Whitey


    Currently in the office having an argument, that he was better than Zidane..Apparently Zizou had the vision and could dominate games, Ronaldo was a good player with pace, hmph!!
  14. Well we did.... Speak for yourself mate....you're guilty of doing what the press do and lumping us all in together as we're the fuckin borg from star trek or something and we all think exactly alike. Some wanted rid of Robson, chiefly Freddy fuckin Shpeherd. Some were quite vocal on this and Shpherd listened to them and sacked him without having a successor lined up. As far as I could make out most were a bit on the diasappointed side at finsihing 5th and not winning the UEFA cup. And there were concerns about the behaviour of the players. But wasnt the best, most qualified man to turn that round already in the job? I didn't, but I clearly remember coming onto Newcastle messageboards and people claiming we should get him out.... Our main error was who we replaced him with...A cardinal sin..
  15. Whitey


    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/fe...spain-interview An even better article there in The Guardian yesterday...
  16. Some of you I believe sometimes go and watch the reserves etc. Who was the biggest disappointment as they didn't quite cut the grade but perhaps looked at one stage a great prospect to succeed in the first team in years to come...? Also who stood out a mile in the reserves or youth teams and looked leagues above the rest and looked destined to make it and did...? My dad once told me how he used to watch the youth teams sometimes on a Saturday morning with Steve Watson standing out a mile, with his size and skill levels high above the rest.. Also, remember Lewis Guy, a good goalscoring record at youth and reserve levels, and Robson wouldn't let him out on loan as he didn't want him to get injured and saw him as a potential first team player...Now he is playing at MK Dons after Souness gave him one appearance against Sporting Lisbon in the waffa cup..
  17. Whitey


    Is he injured? Remember seeing he had signed a new long term deal a couple of months ago, and I know he is highly rated at the club..Anyone know as surely he could be given a chance at the minute with the injury crisis...
  18. I actually like Savage, at least he tells it how it is - no arse licking like the rest of them. James Corden has tweeted tonight - he was at the West Ham match, doubtful if they are true but we shall see.. Curtis Davies is going to Birmingham , would make sense with Scott Dann out... And we're going to complete the signings of S. Ireland and Jason Puncheon...
  19. think he's embarrassing myself, Alan Hansen started out on sky. Lee Dixon is another possible, I quite like his analysis and he doesn't show an obvious bias. Did you see Dixon's reaction to Barton grabbing his cock at Torres? I chinned Dixon on twitter. He was so devastated with my comment he sent back a blank message. Does that mean hes reported me or that I just knocked the wind right out of his sails? haha what did you say?
  20. The recent Richard Keys & Andy Gray sexism row reminded me of this balanced piece of presenting they both did: http://tinyurl.com/2uasstf
  21. And Beardsleys and Hughtons and Henry Winters etc etc etc Aye Hughton. So, surely he watched enough of Ferguson to know he wasn't ready for this level hence his lack of game time and having others playing ahead of him week in week out. In fairness to Pardew he's going to want to make a good start to the job and will rightly, imo, utilise his experienced squad to get him those results. In my job if I had 2 lads doing the same one, one a brand new'un and another with years of experience, I'd use the experienced lad to get the big job done. Often regardless of their work ethic etc because I know the skills are there, it's just finding a way to get the best from him. As much as I respect Hughton, his assertion Lua Lua wasn't read was one of his mistakes. He was by a million miles the best player in League One till he broke his leg. Look at Brighton's shit form since that happened, and the way Jonas is playing he could've been a good option especially with Jonas and Routledge playing one good game in five. Regarding Ferguson, seen him playing full back at reserves a lot but he's equally adept further up the park, he's a good prospect. Looked excellent against Aldershot Stanley in the League Cup. Who the fuck are Aldershot Stanley!?!
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