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  1. Dont see many on the telly Did someone wipe shoe polish on Ant and Decs face or something?
  2. Good idea mate lets talk Newcastle! Is Ant still pumping Dec up the arse? and why did geordies turn miss Cole to black dudes? (Mind you its not hard if you think about it)
  3. Lets talk about Newcastle and Sunderland. After all they got shit loads of silver. I wonder why no gives a fuck about these cunts they got tropheys coming out their ears for fuck sake.
  4. Ones 5 times champions of europe and the other is not. Want to make any other comparisons? I dont think you cant dip shit. Liverpool the only English club to do it
  5. Bit fucking silly opening a boxing thread in a geordie forum. These guys know fuck all about boxing. The last boxing match geordies went to was Ant and Dec for comic relief. Fucking grow up the starter of this thread and stop cracking shit jokes.
  6. The internet is full of twats just look at this thread for fuck sake. I'm not sure but I think the taliban use this site. I know the fella that owns it, he lives in a cave.
  7. Dont get no topics like this in the Liverpool forums. This fucking boss topic this Ant and Dec will be proud of this shit.
  8. Last time I went for something eat in Newcastle the same thing happened. The problem was brown water come from me rear.
  9. This cunt is big ash. Andy Carroll paid for this trip you soft geordies. I know alcohol is a problem but just PM me I've got some great links to help beat this problem.
  10. I dont mind the Irish mate. Yous only bug me when your wifes coming round 6 bells in the morning selling good luck stones for fuck sake. By the way I dont want me fucking garden doing and me tree dont need cutting alright Paddy? One question why do the Irish say Paddy all the time?
  11. I think Chelsea would want a lot more for him the goals hes banging in. Mind you if I was a Chelsea fan I'll want to keep him. Drogba and Anelka are not getting much younger. I think big ash needs to think about buying some bog roll for players before investing in the squad. Newcastle that hard up Bartons wiping his arse with the Chronicle for fuck sake.
  12. What the fuck you going on about? Its not funny because your a geordie. I dont think Ant and Dec will find it funny but hey thats life.
  13. I hope your right. This fella could have 6 tins of skol super next to him. After all this is a geordie site. Craig the boss on here sent me an email due to the liver problems on here. The liver ward in Newcastle has got a waiting list longer than Liverpools seasons tickets for fuck sake. This fellas liver could be that fucked he wont need to jump. It could all end now I hope your proud of your self.
  14. I think shes already had the English ones. She was on a course with Ant and Dec. Shearer was meant to attend but he went to Blackburn. For the yanks to understand geordie it can take up to ten years. I think your accent is hard to understand because Scotland let England have Newcastle. It was a clog in them economy I think.
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