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  1. Transfer Deadline Day 2011

    plenty, I like italian football (think im possibly the only person who does)
  2. Torchwood

    next ep is about to start on BBC1
  3. Transfer Deadline Day 2011

    Alexis Sanchez to Barca for 26 million euros great buy
  4. Sporting Kansas City 0-0 Newcastle United

    Doesn't negate the point at all. I'm speaking in generalities, and it's true to say that if your game is like Ben Arfa's (ie dribbling with the ball at pace), you are more likely to be on the end of tackles which can cause you injury. By and large, you're in possession more, tackles are easier to miss time and the impact will be greater. Messi is a much better player, plays in a much better team (passing options) and plays in a league where that sort of player is given much more protection from the type of tackles that have laid up Ben Arfa. Tbh like, when you're trying to expose flaws in an argument, it's rarely a good idea to use the world's best player as your point of comparison. especially when you consider that Messi does tend to get the absolute shit kicked out of him, hes been one of if the not most fouled player in the champions league for the last few seasons but a mixture of luck and his supreme ability to ride tackles carries him through
  5. What are you looking forward to?

    shiiiit how could I forget SR3, add that to mine
  6. What are you looking forward to?

    There's a new DMC??? series reboot new dante
  7. Transfer Deadline Day 2011

    it was never on according to the boss of corinthians, city rejected their first bid and then claimed a price had been agreed when actually theyd just declared a price to corinthians that they didnt want to/couldnt pay citys way of dealing has annoyed me this window, theyve got CL football and more money than anyone else and theyre still trying all the sly cunt tapping players up in papers and lying
  8. Furious Pete

    I like how he says nutella
  9. FIFA 12

    Ive actually been playing fifa 11 this week shocker its not seen my xbox since about a month after it came out
  10. John Terry stripped of England captaincy?

    whats your point?
  11. John Terry stripped of England captaincy?

    well whats your point? hes obviously after the ball and doesnt act a prick afterwards, I know everyone likes to have a good go at Terry but hes provided plenty of better ammunition than that.
  12. Mercury Music Prize

    Would like Anna Calvi to win it but as said, Adele must be a shoe in
  13. Over priced players

    I disagree with the inclusions of Rossi, Nasri and Sanchez on that list, all three are top drawer players imo. Pastore will be a cracker (he already is pretty good) but that price is mental but you pay mental for "potential" as much as if it was already developed nowadays, not seen much in the way of french football so no idea about Cissokho.
  14. FIFA 12

    what? well they already do, but as with most thing the MSRP and the actual selling price are wildly different
  15. What are you looking forward to?

    Arkham city and skyrim are top of my list usual yearly staples, FM, Fifa, Ill be forgetting a few oh! Battlefield

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