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  1. Mr Run Geordie Run? Brooks ftw! They are really nice (so far) but have hardly been able to get out in them, had a bout of (of all things) gout which has crippled my big toe. Nightmare.
  2. These "beauties". Only colour available. But ridiculously nice to run in.
  3. I found that with the combat in 3, but you soon get used to it and I thought it was actually an improvement, moving you away from constant block-counter-block-counter fighting. The rifles are annoying, but again you soon learn when they are going to do it and even if you haven't got anyone near, just run like fuck sideways (as they stay pretty straight on when they are set up) and you can avoid most of the shots. The boat is really boring, but the rest of it is alright. Apart from the village folk scanning bullshit (don't even bother with it, waste of time). I actually liked AC3 (I
  4. Yeah, I'm fine with that as I've finished all of book 3 now, just wondering how much of book 4 and 5 might be this season, find it fills in so much more detail.
  5. Echo this, did not expect to hear that when clicked on your video! Very interesting. Do you think you'll still go for a regular Tele at some point in the future with this?
  6. Been listening to this album quite a bit: Title track from Toseland's debut album (fronted by James Toseland, ex superbike world champion - which made me think it would be shit at first but I really like it). Saw them live last week and they were great, two decent guitarists trading off each other nicely, and his voice is pretty damn good live.
  7. Haven't started watching this season yet. Is it mostly based on part 2 of book 3, does anyone know? Or will it have loads of book 4/5 in it as well? Just finished part 2 of book 3, wondering whether to get straight into book 4 or not.
  8. When I lived at home during my placement year at uni I paid my parents 10% of my gross. Same applied when I lived at home after graduating. I think pretty much all of my friends who didn't move out straight away did similar as well. I don't see that there is anything wrong with it. If they complain, well, its still a shit load cheaper than the alternative.
  9. That was awesome. Sod the boring "classic" events, one of the girls did the first ever 1080 in that event and another split her helmet open, and we get a medal. What more do you want?! (Plus some of them are really hot)
  10. One of the nicest burgers I've had was there. Will have to go to Covent Garden to see if it matches up.
  11. I am a massive fan of Joe Bonamassa. Hence the avatar as well.
  12. Track list looks pretty good at least. Are you a guitarist anyway? Will have to look into this at some point. Played the first a bit but couldn't get past a certain point and then other things got in the way and didn't go back to it, and now have lost anything I learned.
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