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  1. Pub grub and real beer over the others, but really I'm looking for somewhere good to soak up the pre-game home support and atmosphere.
  2. As a long term fan, who grew up in North Devon, this will be my first home game. I'm also taking my girlfriend along, on the condition she can buy a hat and scarf. Are there specific recommendations on where is good for pre-game lunch and drinks? 3-0, and comfortable. Hoping to see Mitro get some good game time given recent goals.
  3. I was so sure Ben Arfa was going to take the shot at the end there. So pleased for Cisse tbh
  4. Is there a video of the Motherwell goal? Was anyone at fault or just good play from them?
  5. Ok, well I'll be keeping an eye on that then, thanks very much.
  6. Is this being streamed anywhere? It's feels like a long summer of no football already
  7. I think we shouldn't forget that after a potentially dodgy pen, we withstood 45 minutes of a spirited attack from a team absolutely desperate and doing everything to score, that's more than we've been able to do all season. We just need to build on that and be able to play our way back into control of games like that.
  8. Baptism of fire this for the new guys.
  9. If Haidra comes, he'll presumably be replacing Simpson leaving now or later and acting as. With Santon able to play both wings if he or Debuchy get injured Haidra can come in, assuming he's good enough. If Yanga-Mbiwa comes and a new striker then, after the disaster of the summer window I will actually be quite pleased. Especially if the scouting team come through and they are all quality and on par with previous signings, we would actually have a quality first team. To be fair to Obertan, and I reserve the right to change my mind, he is starting to look at least interested in playing foot
  10. How many times has Coloccini been so close to scoring in that situation?
  11. I'm rating Anita much more over the last few games, he does more than his fair share of the running as well.
  12. I've generally not commented on this thread much and have generally just been reading other peoples comments, but this thread is premature to a point of ridiculousness. Sources on Cabaye look encouraging, Gervinho looks like its not happening and who knows about Gameiro but my housemate who supports spurs reckon they are after him pretty bad. I can only see one of them coming off. I wish i had blind optimism
  13. I am nervous as hell for this game now, no colo at back is going to be intereseting, we rely on him more than we realise. Also anyone have any idea why Shola isn't starting?
  14. Tnuts links work at the moment. Cheers, i must have posted just as he gave them. Fingers crossed for today. As long as we don't self destruct like we did at stoke
  15. Hey guys, i'm pretty new to this forum. Has anyone been able to find a river for todays game? If so can you PM me please?
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