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  1. That The Victors poster is hilarious, Fonda and Mitchum in big lettering then you realize it's Peter and James.
  2. The whole endless Leazes stuff put me off posting tbh I was sick of wading through all that shite, some good posters on here but it's not very active. Always preferred it to NO as it's not as reactionary but there's not much happening the last while (I realize the season is over)
  3. Derby day is a nightmare, keep thinking i'm going to have a heart attack. Hangovers and derbys do not mix
  4. Gutted was slightly optomistic for this summer aswell, ill never learn
  5. Wouldn't mind Demba Ba if West Ham go down, looks a decent player and is a beast
  6. Ben Arfa, Ireland and Gosling to come back in the next few weeks though.
  7. It's hard to decide as we are short up front now as a result of this, but Andy Caroll is not worth 35million of anyones money and if he had to go it was a great price in a crazy market. Personally i'll be happy enough if we stay up and reinvest the money in a few new signings come the summer, but whether we do that or not remains to be seen.
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