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  1. Sorry for the brand new topic, just thought I'd ask the question - which one of you was it sitting in front of me on the couches browsing on toontastic on your phone reading the match thread? I was dying to say something but didn't. P.S I was the guy with the bird behind you having food and making the noise! It was sportsters in stirling about 2ish, let me know !!
  2. Its a bit funny that name Virgin Money, ironic as well consider there are nee Virgins in Newcastle and there isn't much money either!
  3. This was the best performance I've seen live, at st James or on telly, for a very very long time. I was halfway through writing a Facebook rant about Howard Webb when the beast Demba Ba hooked in the first. I was that chuffed I dragged the wife into town after to celebrate having changed into my grandad collar toon kit from 96! Being located in Scotland did not expect much banter but to my complete joy there were a grouP of half a dozen mancs in the bar... Superb !
  4. Agree to an extent but it used to be much worse! It used to be giving away a soft goal in the form of own goal / lay it off to opposition centre forward / general poor defending meaning we were regularly starting with a handicap! Taylor has come close to doing this on a few occasion but I think the ogranisational improvements at the back and not giving away such soft goals has helped no end especially against the fodder we used to lose points to. The way in which our concern is now going from a two goal lead to a one goal lead is indicative of an improvement in itself!
  5. I'm sorry but what?!! Foreskin forward or back? Is that a new option or craze? Why would you roll your foreskin back to take a piss? To avoid watering can effect?!
  6. If I were to offer any advice i would do the same. Same thing happened to me in a "local" club, the missus forced me into reporting it but he ended up turning it round on me with a completely made up story. All the doormen said they seen nothing. CCTV went "missing". One of those, it was infuriating and in the end extremely worrying as I ended up being questioned by the police before the whole thing fell apart, because he said I hit him (even though he didnt have a mark on him and I was covered in blood etc). Absolute nightmare and wish I just left the whole thing alone!!!
  7. Preference is the nose like, but can switch on the fly soon as I start whistling.
  8. He's always got that menacing grimace about him, as do a lot of players but his is much much more effective! He is like Mr T's football playing twin, even got the right initials and everything.
  9. He's not keeping on top though is he. He's been generally shite but a combination of luck (QPR and Wolves) and Colo and Saylor have covered him. The fact that his freekicks got us two early results are neither nor there. He's doing alright I would say. He does have the odd blip but I think he's been worse. I generally find it difficult dropping anyone when you seem to have a decent formula. Not the worst predicament we could have ahead of the game!
  10. Our record at home against Spurs is pretty good. Means little in terms of the here and now but I'd bet on us taking three points. I may be optimistic here but I'd also keep Ryan Talylor in. Say what you like about his form in previous seasons, and he's definitely one sandwich short of a picnic having met him, but Pardew has to keep him in while he's keeping on top. Can anyone in the club take a better free kick?
  11. The flaming kebab is an appropriately positioned link for this story
  12. Been lurking for a year or two, mainly to keep up to date with news etc. Had to post and see if anyone else used to post on the old (even before the linuxdriven site) nufc.co.uk message boards? Thinking back that was an interesting bunch... Can't remember specific names unfortunately!
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