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  1. Its that time of year again!

    Already seen it !! Check your pm's You found the leaked season premier for 4? Yes saw it a few weeks ago ! What a start !! Watching it now.
  2. Its that time of year again!

    Already seen it !! Check your pm's You found the leaked season premier for 4?
  3. Famous Person Above...

    is no doubt into CBT with all their talk about balls and stillettos.
  4. Evening lovely Toony folk!

    He's all yours TR...
  5. General Random Conversation..

    Mr. Hips sir!!!!!! Nice to see you again. NOT a great day to hang out washing here- absolutely FREEZING!
  6. Famous Person Above...

    is no different than Sammy when it comes to tail.
  7. Things that make you wanna yak!

    yeah fungating tumours!!! but tbh I'd rather redress that than be on bed pan/incopad duty! You can have the dressing changes... *shudders*
  8. Things that make you wanna yak!

    I have to agree with Soccermom... the smell of C-diff. NASTY!!! The only thing worse (work related) would be rotting cancerous flesh.
  9. Famous Person Above...

    is after Meenzer's arse??? (@ Meenz....the medical training just kicked in and .... gross...)
  10. Famous Person Above...

    can think what he likes LOL (actually, no, not really)
  11. Famous Person Above...

    has been perving on me in the back garden apparently... or got hold of some pics.....
  12. Famous Person Above...

    should stop holding their breath when more than half a meter up on a ladder. (@ Sammy... Life just gets crazy, y'know? That and I.... umm..... honest truth I lost the URL during a computer crash and just never found my way back until last night when someone gave me a pseudo slap upside the head. Blame Craig. And hmmm .... fair weather fan my lily white arse! )
  13. Famous Person Above...

    has no choice but to settle for an AU gallon.
  14. General Random Conversation..

    Nice visual. Thanks for that .
  15. Shearergol

    Happy belated Mark.
  16. bloody valentines day again

    It's the things like that..... LOL Mr. Hips... sorry. Life's been a bit more mad than usual although I have lurked here off and on, just didn't post. And thanks in advance for the lovely gift- I'll be sure to let you know they've arrived and send pics.
  17. bloody valentines day again

    Bet he has! Silly Hallmark holiday-I'd rather mine continue on being the outstanding guy he is on the other 364 days rather than Prince Charming on Valentine's and a complete twat the rest of the year.
  18. It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This isn't going to help you but I TOLD you so last night!!!!! Silly Fish. Friday bombed. Today's looking better.. well.. maybe after the next two hours.
  19. FAO Boyo aka Billy Lee

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! You know what for- this is so much bigger than the driving license and such .
  20. National Treasure 2 ...wait for it to come out on DVD. And borrow it from a friend.
  21. FAO Boyo aka Billy Lee

    I figured that bit of news was yours to tell.... but of course I had to post it here to hurry the telling along! Soaps? Thumb Boyo
  22. Caption competition II

    Just when you've thought you'd seen it all...
  23. What did Santa bring for you ?

    Tickets to see 'Rent', front row and a weekend in NYC Candles Chocolate truffles Some clothing The BEST EVER home made card from my 4 y/o nephew Electric tea kettle and various teas and mugs Perfume Bath products... gels, bubble bath and lotions Quality time with the man and a midnight chat that just left me speechless which was preceded by him running errands and shite for me while I was at work the night before... mock it all you want here guys- he knows there's nothing I wouldn't do for him now LOL!

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