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  1. use Cyberlink Power Director, its easy to use and you can get some very professional results from it.
  2. We aren't going to sign him or any other decent player so theres no point in discussing it really
  3. Who is this weaker opposition you speak of? Sheff United?? Charlton??? Aye, we are so much better than them, a whole point better..
  4. probably pay something like 6m to get chopra
  5. I have a good feeling about this game, i reckon we might give them a good hammering (maybe thats just wishful thinking though)
  6. We are very quickly turning into sunderland tbh
  7. probably the two robert got v spurs in 03-04, the second being the best
  8. Luque isnt even a striker he is a left winger
  9. we cant just sack the manager everytime we have some bad results, come on for gods sake have some faith.
  10. I dont think new defenders are the answer, I think the problem is with the management and coaching. It seems to me as if the defenders do not know who they should be marking or where they should be and that is the fault of the coaching staff + manager.
  11. I agree with him on this, its pathetic how Sibierski and Rossi are getting played ahead of him, give Luque a chance, you never know he might be good.
  12. Yes i was just thinking that aswell, he said he had a feeling his chance would come soon. I can imagine him sitting there jabbing voodoo dolls of shay.
  13. Most overrated player ever tbh
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