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  1. I would like to see who could do better, given the crisis that has developed this season. I am no real Pardew fan but we have practically a first team out injured, away or banned since the first weekend, we have invested in youth but they are not there yet, (or may never be), and we have a regime that gambles on being slightly less poor than the bottom three. Like it or not we have all had our expectations lowered rather successfully by Mr Ashley. He has turned us into Wigan. At least the PR seems a bit better these days.
  2. He is gone. Move on. An ambitious forward thinking outfit will surely have a plan and a replacement ready to be unveiled. Oh, wait a minute ...
  3. Ashley MUST invest in January. Bringing Nile Ranger on to win a game against a top 7 side says it all really. Hoping like Mike, that there are three worse sides in the league though. The points against those around us now are vital. Bugger the goalfests against the top four. Save it for Wigan. We should also put the U18s out in the next round of the Europa League as we can't afford that luxury anymore.
  4. A good performance let down by some shaky defending. Panic should never follow a defeat at Old Trafford. Squad strengthening a must in January though. How does Ferguson get away with stomping around shouting at the referee, lino, tea lady and fourth official though?
  5. Never had any problems with bits and pieces from Overclockers, very swift delivery too. Used to buy from Novatech, but bought a system from them a while back and had nothing but bother from the word go.
  6. 20% of my place away. Of this 5% confirmed swine flu, 10% summer cold & 85% complete hysteria.
  7. those were the balls used for the premierships 2nd/3rd season weren't they? great balls. you lads thought getting hit with casers were bad? we only had an all weather pitch (gravel...) in school so we used those rubber all weather balls for football/gaelic etc the only thing that stung more than getting twatted with one of those on a cold wet day was getting hit with one of these playing hurling http://img.alibaba.com/photo/101065956/Wat...urling_Ball.jpg (they're like a cricket ball basically) In the 80's, we played on the school yard with very heavy and durable plastic bal
  8. My Dad took me and some mates to a game when I was about 8. Best mates family were heavily involved with the supporters club shop in Haymarket, always loved spending time in there. Took myself off to games as soon as I was old enough. Later sold programmes in the Milburn when it first opened. Made no money but got to see the home games. I also liked winding up the makems in the family.
  9. We got caned 4-1. Steve Nicol scored a hat-trick and a certain Peter Beardsley ripped us apart.. I'd rather not remember that one tbh Think I made my TV debut pre-match with a half Newcastle half Brazil pom pom hat. I was behind the goal in the Gallowgate and Motson mumbled something about Mirandinha and Brazillian magic. I think I have it on Betamax
  10. The way we're looking at the moment we've got more chance of Roeder making a top ten record than we have in the League 191608[/snapback] Eurovision Song Contest
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