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  1. they are a laughing stock ,they hate that no one actually gives a fuck about them. but but "6 in a row marra " do me a favour you mackems twats, we are finding this fucking hilarious
  2. they cling on to 6 in a row marra , while their club is dying on its arse. looking at RTG the fuckers are on their knees, its great to see and i hope the maggot club goes bust, wankers to a man
  3. this is comedy gold , great start to the weekend
  4. 0-1 hahahahaahahahahahaha fucking hilarious this
  5. ahahahahahahahahaha had to be Murphy, sit back and watch the meltdown, the club that keeps on giving they are a fucking mess
  6. they still think they can make playoffs man , stupid twats
  7. they are a mess, i hate the twats and i laugh at RTG who have no feeling of the shite they are in i just burst out laughing
  8. They are desperate for him to walk, imagine if he statys and keeps us up
  9. see it out, nothing to lose. then fuck off at the end of the season, dignity intact.
  10. hallefuckinglooliya ............he's bomb proof it seems
  11. they are piss poor and have no chance of promotion, no chance
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