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  1. What a player he has been for us so far! I will give him another month before i pass judgment on him.
  2. 9 out of hes 10 crosses didn't get passed the first defender. Not acceptable at this level. Cracker header though but i still would give him 4 out of 10 for the match agaisnt Chelsea
  3. Padrew can only play the players available to him. Its not hes fault that half the squad is injured. We want stability at the club and that isnt going to happen if we keep changing mangers.
  4. Isnt this thread called transfer activity thread! What transfer activity?? One postive with the lack of activity is that we kept our squad together
  5. Going to be interesting how the next couple of weeks pan out on the transfer market. Has been realitvly quite to date.
  6. Counting down the sleeps!! Our aim this year will be top 4! That would be a fantastic result if we can accomplish that!.
  7. Nothing like a bit of team bonding!!
  8. The 7 mil buyout clause as far as im aware expires July31st. So if he is going to leave we will know in the next 2 weeks.
  9. Like it or not we have to accept it for what it is! as long as we play good football it doesnt matter what it looks like at the end of the day
  10. To early to call on how we will go in the Europa.. If we recruit well who knows what we can achieve.. i wasnt expecting to finish so high up on the table this year but we did. so with a little bit of luck and some good summer recruiting i wouldnt count us out from taking out the tournament.
  11. I agree.. Cant complain about the Ba, Cisse combination.. Hopefully Ba will stay and if he does we still need to sign another quality striker.. Playing european football will be taxing next year and with another quality striker on board it will be money well spent.
  12. With European football next season we need to bolster our squad as we will need to rest players. Romain will be a welcome inclusion
  13. Great news.. He was milking us dry on hes high wages. Would it be worth re investing this money and doubling Ba's Salary so we keep him?
  14. Would be shattered right now if we finished 4th.. next year top 3 and we will gurantee champions league football. not out of our depth i dont think