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  1. watching gateshead,more chance of winning than us
  2. So we given up on the cup already?
  3. the hirst indust or premiere any of the places around there.
  4. wot bout ferguson then have we given up on him?
  5. I thought hadeira was bought cos santon was going
  6. we only got one decent striker(who is off form)now ba has gone,which was always going to happen and we have been short of decent cb cover going back to pre-season and it was then it should have been sorted out.
  7. europa league,they knew wot would happen same as stoke,fulham before. Injuries happen especially with more games being played they know they will lose african players at this time youngsters they've signed on(brighton showed that up) any fans at any club would react the same so to be expected
  8. can't see him getting sacked and dont think he would leave even if relegated
  9. i'd be more worried bout transfer policy of just buying young players to sell on when what we need now is experience certainly a good cb(lescott ?)
  10. first wash they've had for weeks I bet
  11. should be cos they cant have much of a choice!!
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