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  1. I agree with this. I've enjoyed this season so far more than any for a good few years (bar 2nd half of the year we finished 5th, when ben arfa and cisse were quite unreal). What a difference it makes that we're trying to play football again, hasn't always worked, sometimes quite spectacularly the opposite, but I think most people can see what maclaren is trying to do - for most of the time under pards, allardyce, carver and souness ( not to mention kinear) you couldn't even guess what the intended game plan was supposed to be, if there was one. It also helps to have someone who seems to be a d
  2. Kluivert and Owen for me in terms of my hopes when we signed them. We've had plenty worse players but they were both big let downs. After watching viana in his first few games (including that tie against zeljeznikar or whatever they were called) I really thought he was going to turn out to be a top drawer player for us and it never happened. Coming to us possibly ruined his career, although he might well have just been too soft to succeed anywhere at the highest level. Pity because he was a quality passer. I watched him a few years later at braga when he'd resurrected his career a bit, he was
  3. Me too. What's Wijnaldum's favoured position?Does he to prefer to be a second striker or centre mid? I am assuming he's reluctantly doing a job on the left for now? If we had a really top quality ball winner in centre mid ideally we would get away with having De Jong and Wijnaldum through the middle against poorer sides as you say. Would be very worried about doing that with either Colback or Anita in there though - that would be a proper soft spine of the team, especially with Colo seriously on the wane behind them
  4. Aye that was my thinking - you would expect them to sit deep so we want to get our skilful (is that really how you spell skilful, can't believe there's not more than 2 l's in there) players on the ball as much as possible. If De Jong is the player we all hope he is you would think this would be the ideal game for him to drop in between the lines, pulling their defenders out of position and picking the killer passes. Of course he might be shocking, get subbed off at half time never to be seen again
  5. I would start De Jong and Perez next game. I agree De Jong hasn't really done anything yet but he looks like he's got a decent touch and awareness and I'd like to see him given a run of starts to see if he can get used to English football - he had a good reputation in Holland supposedly, but we won't know unless he's given a decent run in the side. Villa and Everton at home should be good opportunities for him to see if he can start stamping his authority on the game a bit more. We should have a fair bit of possession against Villa so let's see if we can get him and Wijnaldum the ball to make
  6. Great draw for us - it's not going to be easy but they're definitely beatable. Cardozo can be a good player but he blows hot and cold - he's on mega money over there and his ambition has started to dwindle. Aimar hasn't done anything for years. As with all Portuguese teams they're good on the ball if you let them play and they're a bunch of cheating, diving swines, so let's hope we get a ref who doesn't get fooled (although Steven Taylor might disagree with that). Great trip though - Lisbon's the best city I've ever been to, by miles! Howay the toon!
  7. Great posts mate. Yes, I suppose the idea is that if you're a good team who has the ball more often than not then you don't need someone like Tiote, and that is where we'd obviously like to be. For example for most of the 2nd half on Sat Tiote simply didn't add anything - we're on the front foot, totally camped in Swansea's half and in that situation I'd far rather have Bigi or even Anita from what I've seen of them than Tiote. I've definitely got my doubts about whether Anita will ever make it in the Premier League, but would love to think he will. I just don't think we've seen what he's
  8. Tiote seems to have regressed this season. On Saturday I was dreading him going near the ball, either with or without possession. Hopefully it's just a blip, as he was a very useful player for us last year. I wonder if Anita or Bigirama will be able to step in and take his place on a regular basis next season? Neither of them are similar to Tiote though - having one of them plus cabaye and Sissoko would probably leave us a bit light. Apart from that, another striker is a no brainer, as is a centre half if Colo leaves.
  9. Well that was just one of those matches unfortunately. We played great for for long periods - they're a good passing team and are always going to create chances at home but we did well once we got to grips with them. Taylor did well against Michu for most of the match, won everything in the air. Unfortunately Mbiwa looked a bit shaky - definitely adapting to the Premier League. I didn't see what happened for their goal cos it was at the other end. Canny trip though - nice people and it was good to see another strong performance from us. If Colo had been playing I've no doubt we would have got
  10. Exactly - they are team that deserve respect but we certainly shouldn't fear them, the way we've been playing recently. We're starting to look very handy as an attacking force and I can see us scoring more than once down there. If we can stay focused at the back I fancy us for a result.
  11. Great result and a really heartening performance to get through against a team of horrible cheats on what looked like a difficult pitch in freezing conditions. Shola put a good shift in and did a job for us as he has done now and again over the last few years. Sissoko is a beast, the two other new lads looked solid enough too. Great stuff, great to see United get through a really tricky tie, especially after we got done by poor oficiating in the first leg. It looks like the next tie will be even trickier - any team managed by Hiddink is likely to know what they're doing. Still, if we can g
  12. Haha aye I'm sure all of us who were lucky enough to witness their magical brand of football/art were similarly affected. Iniesta and Xavi should think themselves lucky they play in a different era - they wouldn't have got a kick
  13. I love these arguments even though there'll never be a winner. For me Zidane was a better player than Iniesta will ever be, and he was also better than Platini. That's not to say that the other two aren't/weren't truly unbelievable players. In terms of magic on the ball I'd put Zidane and Maradona ahead of Messi, and definitely ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo... and although you can compare stats (goals scored, assists made, World Cups won), for me personally it comes down to the wonder of watching them. And that is why, even if they only did it in fits and spurts compared to Messi and Ronaldo
  14. I thought that was a decent performance - we were very unlucky not to win by 2 or 3. It will be very tricky over there but we've got a decent chance to go through. I'm really enjoying how we're playing at the moment and it looks like there's a lot more to come from this team with this new lot of Frenchies. Great to see us trying to play on the deck through the middle - with Gouffran and Ben Arfa in that side to add some wide threat we should be quite a potent attacking force. S Taylor has added a lot since he came back - not just his physicality at the back, but also popping up and causing pr
  15. I agree with this - Simpson is a shocking player at this level, absolutely shocking. Can't understand how anyone has seen him play even a handful of times could say otherwise.
  16. We all have to give Pardew and the players a lot of credit for getting a truly massive 6 points - well done to the lot of them. I think bringing Shola on was supposed to get us back on the front foot, give us a physical presence up front and try to get us holding on to the ball further up the pitch. That would be alright if Shola could do any of those things! Anyway, we played well in the first half and were understandably nervous in the 2nd. It was a pity Debuchy gave away the pen - no need to make that tackle but hopefully he'll learn from it. If they hadn't scored then, the enthusia
  17. Bracewell was a top player and I enjoyed watching him for us whenever he was fit - he was well past his best when we got him though. I know what you mean about his passing Gloom - he very rarely gave the ball away and his passes were really decisive and crisp, a joy to watch really. However you can't say his passing was in the same bracket as Hoddle, who was genuinely brilliant on the ball. In terms of creativity and making things happen with a decisive pass, there's no competition. Hoddle used to play some absolutely sublime passes, on a regular basis - not sure anything Brace ever did could
  18. I'm reluctant to criticise Pardew too much based on the evidence of the last two years. Last year the team exceeded our expectations, this year its been the opposite. I'd say you have to take both with a pinch of salt - last year we were fortunate to have pretty good luck with injuries, given the small squad we had, and then a striker who hit the form of his life for the last third of the season. Pardew however has to take a good deal of credit for that success too - we were undoubtedly well organised, kept a good shape without the ball and utilised what attacking options we had well. For the
  19. Its early days but to me Debuchy has shown signs of being a canny player. Looks quick enough, comfortable on the ball, brave and importantly seems to instinctively look for the positive option. Simpson is a trier but hopelessly out of position so often its not true, and I've got to try hard to remember anyone who looked less able with the ball at his feet apart from Williamson! Something about his performances at fullback put me in mind of his almost namesake Mark Stimpson, what a donkey he was!
  20. I can't remember if it was 2002-03 or 2003-04 (my recent memory is shocking) but Titus Bramble once played about 5 or 6 home games in a row without making a rick and he was absolutely imperious. I think he might have been playing alongside Woodgate at the time, and for that handful of games our defense looked impenetrable. Was probably Hughes and Bernard at fullback. Woodgate was obviously a real top class defender when he was fit but on his day Bramble was as good... he also had a brilliant long range pass off either foot which you don't see very often from any player, let alone a centre back
  21. I was on this forum about 4-5 years ago for a bit, my username was probably Dickie or something similar, only posted a handful of times. Felt compelled to come back this morning to voice my dismay at the people who thought it was a good idea to boo a manager's decision when we were 1-0 up in a relegation 6 pointer. To me that just seems an absolutely mind bogglingly counter-productive thing to do, regardless of whether or not you agree with the decision. I agree with you by the way - as I said, my heart sinks when I see Shola starting and I'd actually have started Obertan. However Obertan
  22. Thousands of clueless glakes booing Pardew's subs, I wish people like this would stop going to the match. Marveaux off was a defensive substitution - we'd been playing shite since half time, Marv hadn't had a kick in the second half, he can be good on the ball but he contributes nowt when we haven't got it (as we didn't for a lot of the 20 minutes preceding the sub). Perch has done an excellent job in shoring up the midfield on numerous occasions over the last couple of years. If we'd held on 1-0 (which we might well have done if back 4 hadn't conspired to let in ANOTHER soft goal) people woul
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