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  1. Despite the uncertainty and the hassle of having to go through it all again soon, this has to be seen as a huge success for corbyn. The country has taken a step towards arresting the slide into complete and utter selfishness and cynicism that it's been on for yonks - it's what we've needed and it is largely down to Corbyn as far as I can see. Against unbelievable odds and a total onslaught from the papers, backstabbing from his own party and massive inertia stubbornness and ignorance in the electorate he's managed to get an important message across and help a good few people to wake up. It is
  2. Only 52, what a shame. He was one of the best rock and roll singers ever in my opinion, a totally unique voice. Superunknown was a genuine masterpiece, still sounds incredible today. He was good with Audioslave as well, even if they didn't quite have the magic of Soundgarden. RIP.
  3. I'd say I have fonder memories watching Pedro, partly cos I was a bit younger and partly because of his style of playing - all that invention and enthusiasm, some of the things he did genuinely took your breath away. I remember that goal he scored against Norwich at home from near the touchline (95?) - there really was a split second between the ball hitting the net and the start of the celebrations - in my memory it seems like it took 36,000 people a moment to think "did he really just score from THERE?" before realising that he did. However, thinking objectively I think I'd say Shearer w
  4. 7 points from those 3 games is absolutely raker. I wasn't there and only listened to parts on the radio but sounds like another game where we played long periods without the ball. I think it might be stretching it to suggest Rafa would send us out to have only 30 odd % possession - it's always going to be preferable to have more of the ball than that. However I do have hope that Rafa and coaches will be using games like this to drill into the players how to stay in games when you're not playing well, how to stay disciplined when you don't have the ball, how make it difficult for opposition who
  5. What a great 3 points. Tactics, selection and performance were excellent, and pretty much everyone did a good job bar the ref. First goal was lucky but we've had very little luck this season in my opinion. One think that I haven't heard mentioned much was that the pitch was very, very poor, which as far as I could see suited Brighton a lot more than us. I've been critical of Perez and I think he's shown that he can't be trusted to start games but got to give him great credit for coming on and putting that one away - what a goal. Shelvey wasn't able to dictate the play as much as he often has d
  6. I think we'll win this one but that may rely on Mitro and Perez, if selected, not playing like total fannies. Even if we lose this I think we'll still be going up quite comfortably in the end
  7. Aye that's it Howay, I think we'll be fine. We could do with picking up 4 points from the next 3 games but even if we don't I still think we'll be going up. Even 1 point from the next 3 wouldn't be too bad, as long as that point comes against Huddersfield. However I think we'll pick up at least 6 and we'll be looking fine. Would be better if we didn't have Perez and mitro playing together - one of the softest strike partnerships I can remember us having, total powderpuff
  8. Happy to have them all in the squad next season but I don't think there's any basis for thinking Rafa loves them so much that he wouldn't rather replace them in the first team if he has the chance. Rafa's selections can only be judged on this season really and I'd say Dumett, Colback, Gouffran and Diame have all generally done their jobs well enough when they've played this season, and have all contributed to getting us to the top of the league. I'm not sure there's any case for saying any of them were worse choices than any fit and available alternatives. Perez has been disappointing for best
  9. Well my lass is French so this is understandably causing us some concern. However I also work with two Spanish lads who are horrible pricks of the highest order and I'll be glad to see the back of them. Swings and roundabouts.
  10. He's far too soft. Normally they get better at using their size as they get older, not sure if he'll ever stop being soft as shite however
  11. Great to see Shelvey back pulling the strings. We've got to kick on now and put a good run of wins together in the league, which I fully expect us to do
  12. My problem with Perez over the last year and a half is that he doesn't make any great effort to get on the ball and try things. With young players you expect some inconsistency and you expect them to be trying things at the wrong times and in the wrong areas of the pitch, and you can forgive that cos you know they'll learn by experience. But the one thing they should have is bags of enthusiasm to get on the ball and make their name - it's just really odd that Perez doesn't show any of that. Loves a good rallying cry on twitter on match days mind.
  13. I thought he offered next to nothing whenever he's played in centre mid but he's done a very good job for us at full back this season. Rafa obviously rates him as he's generally been first choice. It's bit of a blow that he's going to be out for a couple of months
  14. He hasn't helped himself with his attitude like. The press in this country can be disgusting but he must have had a canny bit of criticism and pressure at Barca and Bayern, two of the biggest clubs in the world? He needs to be a bit bigger than he's coming across at the minute. I was really looking forward to watching Man City this season, I thought it was going to be class having a Guardiola-coached team to watch on telly, but it's all been a bit disappointing so far. He needs more time of course - it looks like he just doesn't have the players to play the way he wants to and he's only had on
  15. The knee jerks on this message board are cringeworthy. We'll be going up comfortably
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