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  1. He didn't seem that bothered warming up with France on Friday. Probably because they're not in the CL
  2. - too many university assignments!!
  3. With the exit of De Jong and Remy, also Cisse a potential outgoing transfer. Nicolas Anelka a possibility?
  4. The current state Fulham are in, doubt it.
  5. 300: Rise of an Empire 3D. As fighting goes, it was very good - but for a follow up from the previous one, very poor indeed. You only see the spartans for roughly 5 mins in the film. The film's entirety is based upon the Greeks fighting the Persians with important scenes such as the fall of Athens barely being shown. The only upside was that the 3D experience was very good. A wicked waste of £8.65.
  6. Watched Hunger Games 1 and 2 last night. Both were brilliant. Great work from the A-list cast with dazzling special effects and costumes. Can't wait now for the release of the third one!
  7. 2 very different leagues. The Spaniards are nutters.
  8. Mourinho tried to gouge out the-then Barcelona manger's eye out. Vilanova I believe it was. What was his punishment? - A two match ban. Pardew flicked his head slightly forward not causing any injury upon David Meyler whatsoever and the FA charge him £100,000 + possibly more to come from Newcastle. Pathetic. Pardew's passionateness is second to none.
  9. Nostalgic - After watching a few cartoons tonight that were popular when I was a wee bairn. (Not sure about you lot however)
  10. It's funny as I was reasonably struggling in my friendlies but have won 4 PL games on the trot including one against Man Utd (Have only played 4 PL games so far). Krul's also had clean sheets in all of them too. No major differences apart from Saylor out on loan and Diame as Cabaye's replacement. Strange.
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