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  1. Jonas Gutierrez and Ryan Taylor released

    We need The Fish to be our PR man - that's the classy way to do things!
  2. Jonas Gutierrez and Ryan Taylor released

    They really need the help of a good PR firm because this looks awful. Our name, our great name, dragged through the mud again.
  3. Politics

    Always a shame to hear stories like this. RIP.
  4. One of the best things I've seen

    Yes yes trophyshy, thank you!
  5. One of the best things I've seen

    In essence you've got the Well fans held in after the game, surrounded by stewards, in buoyant mood. Twist and Shout breaks out and to a man, 2000 people are chanting like it's 1999! Well worth a Google - sorry don't know how to sort the link out...
  6. One of the best things I've seen

    Lol if I find a spare hour or two I might give you the play by play Will have to learn what words like riff and refrain mean first
  7. Love stuff like this - incredible Uh oh won't let me put a YT link it... Anyway, Motherwell fans at Ibrox last week singing Twist and Shout
  8. Keegan 30/04/14

    I was mega excited for his 2008 return. It ended in a lot of disappointment but I still love the guy. Don't think I'd want to chance it again!
  9. Never in a million years. Football mad city and rightfully so.
  10. McClaren, Laudrup, Carvs, The tea lady?

    Heavens no, why?
  11. What mood are you in and why?

    Uneasy. Lots to do and don't want to do it!
  12. McClaren, Laudrup, Carvs, The tea lady?

    Took me an extra second to figure the swipe at Big Mike then, I thought you were serious at first! Monday morning...!
  13. Real Name: it's not Pirate Age: 30 Birthplace: Solihull Whereabouts: Wolverhampton Job: Teacher Favourite Club: (if Not Newcastle) Favourite Band: Bon Jovi Favourite Food: Lasagne Favourite Drink: Rubicon Mango / Um Bongo Favourite Place: Port Isaac (Cornwall) / London Favourite Tv Show(s): Suits, Hollyoaks and Monday Night Football Favourite Film: The Italian Job (1969) Footballing Heroes: Keegan, Hoddle, Shearer, Ginola and Cruyff Footballing Villains: James McFadden Role Model(s): Van Gaal is hilariously forthright Plans For The Future: Being happy and healthy. I'd like to gain promotion at work and financial security. 5 Things To Do Before You Die: Watch NUFC in the Champions League, gain a 6 pack, watch the sun set jogging along Miami's South Beach, See all Europe's major Derby fixtures and give my children the tools for happiness as they grow older. I started supporting Newcastle when I was about 10 in 1995 because my parents never took me on holiday to the North East (I'd been to the other three corners). My favourite game was the 5-0 v United, Oct 20th 1996, closely followed by the win over Barca. They were great, great days and I long for their return.

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